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Honda cars are the favorite sedan of Pakistan and this is not only what company claims but the users also say the same about Honda Pakistan. There are many brands operating in our country but Honda care Pakistan has a distinguished position in the minds of customers. This brand has been offering the quality, comfort and reliability to the people of Pakistan for a long time.

This brand is known for efficiently performing and smart looking cars. The Honda car prices in Pakistan are quite stable for years and no fluctuation in the recent years have been reported in this. This car is only assembled in Pakistan and its parts are imported from Japan. It is important to mention here that Honda cars are one of those few cars whose parts are imported from Japan otherwise all the parts are manufactured in Pakistan as far as Suzuki and Toyota are concerned.

At present Honda brand is offering Honda Civic, Honda city, Honda accord and Honda CR-V in Pakistan. However you can see ample of Honda car on roads of Pakistan which are imported from other parts of the world. Honda accord CL-7 and CL-9 are the popular cars which are normally imported from outside the Pakistan.

If you compare the prices of Honda cars with the rest of luxury cars available in Pakistan you may find them a bit high especially when you compare them with Toyota corolla Xli and Toyota corolla Gli. The point to understand for this difference is that the Honda cars leave far behind all the other brands in luxury and comfort they provide to their customers. Another feature of Honda cars which makes them special in the eyes of users is that they are fuel efficient and environment friendly cars. This has been proven as Honda civic reborn has secured the most eco-friendly car of the year 2007 in United Kingdom. Honda has been delivering the same standards of quality in Pakistan and this creates an environment of trust between Honda Company and its users.