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Hyundai is worldwide known company and there are many popular cars of this company which are competing with other renowned brands of the day in regular cars. Hyundai group as a group of companies appeared on the scene in 1947 making its first construction company in the same year. Later many companies were founded by the same group. In 1967 its automobile company was fabricated and its first car was also manufactured in the same year. This may be new to your information that Hyundai group is based in South Korea. Since its inception Hyundai group is ever expanding and by now it has become the second biggest group of companies in South Korea.

In Pakistan distribution of Hyundai is owned by Dewan Farooq group limited, a renowned business family of our country. It began selling Hyundai to the people of Pakistan in 1998. Hyundai is selling two of its vehicles in Pakistan, namely Hyundai Santro and Hyundai Shehzore. Both are popular on the roads of Pakistan and we have been seeing them for years. Santro is small family car with 4 passengers seating capacity and 1.0 liters displacement engine. It can be compared with Mehran, Alto and Cuore in size and based on users review this car has far better interior and engine performance than its competitors. It has an efi technology in which fuel efficiency of vehicle is significantly improved. Previously there was an issue seen that spare parts of Hyundai cars are not available in our automobiles market but now they are readily available.

Hyundai Shehzore is one of the most seen on roads loader in Pakistan. This truck has a bigger fuel capacity of 60 liters for longer traveling. Its spare parts are easily available in the local market. Using a Hyundai now you do not have to be worried about spare parts. Hyundai price 2012 in Pakistan ranges from 674,000 rupees to 889,000 rupees. Hyundai Santro comes with GV, short for green vehicle, technology which helps in keeping the environment safer and cleaner.