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Those things which can’t be used without electricity are called electronic items. In our daily lives we use lots of these stuff. Electronics made our life easier but now the life line is dependent on them and have become more of a need.

People belonging to any race, culture or financial background use electronic appliances and gadgets. These electronic items are purchased once in a life time. Fans, air conditions, washing machines are all those necessities, which are present in every home. Even television has now become a necessity and is present in almost every home and workplace. These electronics are not much costly. Their price is very low because there is a lot of variety in these electronics.

There are some electronic items, which come under luxury such as LCD, Smart TV and digital camera and of course mobile phones. These have higher prices and not many people who can afford them. However, different companies have made this issue resolved as well by making low cost appliances. There are so many companies in Pakistan, which are making consumer supplies; such as in home electronics there are Samsung and Black & Decker, which have a wide range of products. Than for LCD and television there is Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and many more.

The mobile phone has different models in it; everyone can buy them according to their price range. There are many different companies like Nokia, Apple, blackberry and Samsung making top of the line phones. They have launched so many phones in the market that this industry has flourished. The prices of phones are higher and by every passing day new models are coming on the market, that show that electronic market is the on its peak.

Laptops is now another entity in the world of electronics. There are so many companies, which run so many brands such as Apple, DELL, Sony and HP and of them have unique features but if the prices are compared, than almost the same.

There are markets for each type of electronics. For home electronic a different market and for mobiles and laptops, an entirely different market. Electronic items have completely overtaken our lives; they have made life complicated but also comfortable at the same time.

There is a big online market for electronic items, where the product is advertised online and buyers and sellers meet. The buyers can have a look at it by viewing the picture and can order online. The used electronic items are easily available. This is changing the way people used to shop and this also is because of electronic appliances.

Some of the electronic items are way confusing to use but then now it is very difficult to live without them. There are so many companies which have launched one product, but with different names. The prices of these items go up and down every day.

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