The continent and particularly the region we live in is considered as one of the hottest plains on earth. In summer season the temperature here goes as up as 50 degrees Celsius so air conditioner is almost an indispensible thing. AC prices in Pakistan 2013 are fairly high but still people do not want to die off hot weather and buy these machines for their homes and offices.

Initially when there used to be only window AC not many people really could afford that as it sucked huge power and electricity bills at the end of month were too high. Now with the advent of split type air conditioners the usage has increased to double. Now more people seem interested in buying air conditioners and you will find shops where the users can purchase an air conditioner on installment as well.

Currently there are many companies manufacturing air conditioners in Pakistan. Likewise there are different types of AC in vogue which you can easily find in market. Popular of these types are floor standing AC, Split type AC, Window type AC not in fashion now, Mitsubishi cassette type and finally the ceiling type.

Floor type air conditioners can be seen in shopping plazas, big offices or sometimes even outdoors, as these are considered heavy duty machines. Most common to see in homes and offices is split type AC as this is considered as efficient one and consumes less power. Improvements are being made in air conditioners every day and now better features are added. Mitsubishi is leading all other brands in Pakistan in the air conditioner industry. Mitsubishi has designed technology wise superior split type AC which is pretty functional and having inverter V technology which ensures powerful flow of air which reaches every corner of your room. Mr. Slim extreme is one of the most selling Mitsubishi split type AC out there in market.

Air conditioners are being something more than a solution to hot weather and many brands have started now adding aesthetics to their models like Haier and LG. New models now have gorgeous designs on the front cover of theirs. Not only the appearance but inside of the split is also improved and the latest models of many AC has gold plated fins inside them which prevents the inner part from being rusted.

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