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Blu-ray player is designed to play Blu-ray disc (BD) developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA); association of leading electronics companies like Apple Inc, Dell Inc, LG, Sony, Samsung etc. There are 80 members of this association that support Blu-ray disc. Actually it is advancement in the field of electronics. Blu-ray players replace the DVD OR VCD players because Blu-ray players offer better functionalities, more storage capacity and variety of features.

How Blu-ray disc differs from DVD?

Blu-ray disc is an optical disc that has blue - violet laser of shorter wavelength (405 nm) than the red laser (650 nm) of DVD. Its blue violet laser helps to focus the laser point with more precision. Blu-ray disc offers storage capacity of 25 GB in single layer and 50 GB in double layer while DVD has the capacity of 4.7 GB in single and 8.5 GB in double layer. Its storage capacity is increased to 500 GB in recent months. Isn’t it amazing? It was an experiment and it is a guess that it will take more than a year to hit the market. Blu-ray disc is available with hard coating and the DVD Is not available in hard coating. The data transfer rate of Blu-ray is very fast than DVD. Blu-ray Disc transfers data of 36 Mbps while DVD transfer rate is 11.08 Mbps.

Blu-ray Format:

Currently Blu-ray is available in market in wide range of formats like BD – RE, BD – ROM and BD – R. BD –RE is the disc that is rewritable, BD – ROM is the format that is read only format for entertainment stuff and with the basic functionalities and BD – R is the format that is also recordable. Further there are chances of invention of hybrid format of the disc that will be supported by both Blu-ray and DVD players.

Blu-ray Player’s Manufactures:

All the leading electronics companies are producing Blu-ray players because Blu-ray technology is new to market and the demand is also very high. Another reason of the high demand of this device is that it is the only best source of high definition and highest resolution videos, currently available in the market. It gives a theatre type experience of audio that you would definitely love to have. Some of the popular Blu-ray players are given in this article.