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DVD player is machine that plays the DVD disc and was introduced in 1996. It was a great success and became the important popular media player device within few years of its launch. DVD (digital video disc) player is apparently similar to CD player. In DVD players laser beam used is of red color and decode audio / video streams. DVD has three basic parts i.e. laser & lens system, a drive motor and a tracking mechanism that helps to move the laser assembly. DVD players focus the laser beam on the tracks and laser beams passes through the layers of polycarbonate. DVD players allow you to play audio CDs and video CDs. It matches with concept of portable devices as you have to connect it to T.V or LCD screen.

DVD is available in two format; DVDR and DVDRW. DVDR is the disc that is recordable and the DVDRW is the disc that is rewritable. These discs can store video or data of high quality of up to 2 hours and if you record video of low quality (low resolution video; CVD, VCD, SVHS etc) then you can save video of several hours. Another option related to the storage is you can store ordinary data of up to 4, 37 GB on a recordable disc. Other DVD formats are following.

It is the first format that released for standalone DVD players and it is also rewritable disc.
It’s a dual layer writable disc with storage of 7.95 – 15.9 GiB.
It is similar to the DVD-R DL.
It is a non rewritable format that is compatible with 80% of DVD players.
It offers best recording capability but it is not compatible with most of the DVD player.

DVD player Manufacturers
DVD players are being produced by the top brands of the world like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG etc and you can check the prices of DVD players in Pakistan on our web site.

Blu-ray instead of DVD Player
Now the DVD players are replaced by the Blu-ray players. Blu-ray is a high tech disc with laser of short wavelength that produces clear and bright image. The storage of the disc is also very high and the audio / video resolution is also high. So, people prefer to buy Blu-ray player instead of DVD player.