Iron is used almost in every home as everyone needs to press their clothes. Old were the days when we used to see heavy irons in our homes and one could do weight lifting exercise with them. Whereas the irons we see in market today are significantly different from the old fashioned irons. They are lighter in weight that you can carry them in your luggage as well while moving to some other place. These technologically advanced irons consume less power and at the month end you would not see a massive electricity bill.

The older versions of iron sets were quite simple with no colors added in the body and normally we used to see off-white, silver and black color. The irons which are available these days in the market are beautifully designed and have aesthetic appeals. Thought the latest iron prices in Pakistan are higher than the previous models but you should not undermine the fact that these are much improved in looks and performance.

Irons come with the water compartment fitted in the body in which water can be poured from the top lid and there is a nozzle at the front of iron where from this water can easily be sprayed on the fabric being ironed. There is no need to water the clothes with water before you iron. This feature is perfect for the starched clothes for which showering water is must.

If you need to purchase an iron for your home you would find many brands out there and some of them are our local brands and others are imported. The imported brands may include Philips, National, Panasonic and others. Popular locally produced brands of iron include Haier and waves. In this section we have gathered specification and the prices of irons available in the market. We hope it will be helpful for you in comparing the irons available and looking for the right iron to buy. on Facebook
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