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The credit of great invention of TV can not be given to a single person only rather fabrication of TV includes many engineers round the world who invented something important which contributed. The United States of America is said to have made the first commercially feasible television set. Later it appeared in other countries as well. Older televisions were bigger in size and the picture quality too was not great but it advanced with the passage of time. Now the concept of TV has changed altogether and now what we see is slim and stylish LCD with the brilliant display and lots of features in it.

The LCD-LED TV is far improved in technology and therefore performance than the usual old TV set. We will be having a quick look at the main features of this generation of television in the following lines. LCD TV consumes much lesser power than the old TV used to consume. This generation thus is not only helpful in reducing the utility bills at the end of month but also saves energy which could be used in other productive things in the society. In the world of television this generation is advanced and functional.

Not only does it save energy but also gives the splendid quality of image. The features that LCDs incorporate include direct play via USB which allows the user to play the favorite movies and songs by just connecting UBD device. Most LCDs give the user option of attaching CPU with it and your TV screen will become your computer screen. You can enjoy all the stuff of your computer on the bigger and crystal clearer screen. If you are a game lover then LCD screen means lots of fun to you as you can play you favorite games on it.

Recently 3D technology has also been introduced in LCDs and you can enjoy the digital cinema experience in your bed room sitting in front of your TV screen. Presently you have to wear glasses on your eyes to experience 3D effect of the movies but as the technology is improving itself we can expect that the day is not far away when there will no need of wearing goggles. This web page is designed to help you in selection of a LCD screen for your home as this holds the prices of all the best selling LCDs in the market.