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Monitors have also changed their appearance just like television did. The famous LCD technology has been introduced in the world of monitors and now monitors too have become slim, stylish and smart. There are many ways in which LCD monitors outweighs the old fashioned monitors. We will be having a glance over it.

The biggest issue the computer users had previously was the radiation that monitors used to emit. You could not continuously work for longer time sitting in front of a monitor as the radiations are not healthy for eye sight. This problem is significantly solved with the introduction of LCD as they emit very less of radiations and one can easily work for hours and hours without letting any harm to his eye sight.

LCD monitors do not take much of power as the technology used in these is much efficient and does not require a big power to be run. Many companies internationally manufacture monitor LCDs and DELL, HP, PHILIPS and SAMSUNG are prominent of those. There is a kind of race that has started among these leading monitor manufacturers and as a result the customer gets improved performance with every new model of monitor LCDs.

The 3-D technology in LCD TV became so popular that the monitor industry could not keep itself from introducing this in monitors as well. It is indeed a great innovation which promises a new world of viewing for the computer users. The most onerous part of this type of viewing was the goggles which the viewers had to wear while watching any video sitting in front of the screen. It would be great pleasure for you to listen that now LG has announced a 3D LCD monitor which does not require the user to wear glasses. This is something which has been always looked for by the 3D screen lovers.

We can anticipate lots of fun for the computer users as with the introduction of glasses less 3D monitors a new horizon of view is now opened. The user can enjoy movies, games and other multimedia stuff over it. We have gathered the prices along with the specs of monitor LCDs and updated in our database which can be seen be clicking on the captions of monitors shown above.