Science and technology has been facilitating human beings for very long in every field of life. Refrigerator might be a luxury in the days when it was invented but now it seeing its usage it has become a necessity of our everyday life. Refrigerator keep your food fresh, keep them safe from being rotten and provide you ice in hot summer. There are hundreds of companies which make refrigerators worldwide. Here we are looking in the perspective of Pakistan only.

Presently many companies are producing refrigerators and are serving this need of Pakistani users. There are different locally produced and imported brands available in our home appliances market. Pel, Dawlance, Waves and Orient are the names of some famous brands which are widely trusted by the users. These brands have opened their outlets across the country and anybody interested in buying them can easily access to the sale point. New refrigerators are coming with advanced technology and some cutting edge features which old manufacturers never included in their products. All the good brands offer refrigerators which are filled with CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) free gas which ensures the safety of the environment. Previously it was CFC gas which was filled in them which was hazardous to the environment. People now are being more and more aware of this fact and now prefer CFC free refrigerators.

In Pakistan we are having electricity shortage problem that is a big issue indeed. No matter how expensive and better performing refrigerator you hold if you have no electricity in your home your machine is of no use to you. Waves identified this as a serious problem f our country and with the help of their expert engineers they fabricated a refrigerator which could preserve cooling for a longer time after the power failure. Waves named it as cool bank. This cool bank is the bestselling model of waves out there in market. After seeing waves many other companies tried to improve after power failure cooling of their refrigerators and some of them launched double insulation in the doors of fridge. But waves enjoyed first mover’s advantage for a longer time.

Now the users want more than the mere performance out of refrigerators and they expect their refrigerators to be aesthetically good. Orient is ahead in this race and their refrigerators are known for their looks. Refrigerator prices in Pakistan 2013 have not increased much in comparison to the previous year prices.

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