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Earlier man might never have thought but technology has made it possible that sitting in your room you can easily access to what is happening in the other corner of the world. TV is a wonderful medium of staying in touch with the rest of world as you get to know what is happening around you and what direction technology is taking the world in.

Television is a source of entertainment, education, information and much more. It was invented back in the late years of 1920s in America and gradually was introduced in the rest of the world and in Pakistan it was made commercially available in 1964. And now one could barely find a home in the entire world where a TV is not available.

Initially television sets were big and the picture quality was not clear enough. As the technology got advanced we saw television getting better and better with time. They got smarter and their picture quality was improved as well.

In the recent years we observed a huge transformation in the world of televisions which entirely changed its concept. LCDs were introduced which massively replaced the television sets. You can also term them as new generation of TVs as they are slimmer than old TV sets shows brighter and clearer picture on their screen.

Present TV screens hold altogether new features which were never anticipated never expected by the TV users. Today’s LCDs features range from 3D technology to internet, USB support, CPU support and much more. You can enjoy browsing WebPages, using Facebook and YouTube over internet and even can have video chat over Skype with your friends distant from you. With the advent of LCDs a whole new world of possibilities is discovered. Present day TV is lots of fun for sure.

There are many companies who are offering LCDs in the market with difference in the prices according to the features added in those. LCD TV prices in Pakistan 2012 are stated on our web page. Clicking on the captions of desired LCD will direct you to the page which holds features and market price of that particular model of LCD.