Haier Fresh Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan

Haier Fresh Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan
  • Haier Fresh Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Haier
  • Product Type : Deep Freezer
  • Model : HDF-385H and HDF-325H
  • Year : 2013
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 33,000 To Rs. 35,000
  • Capacity : 295 or 365
  • Colors : White
  • Body Type : Deep Freezer

  • Haier Fresh Deep Freezer Prices
  • Haier HDF-325H Price in Pakistan33,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-325H (Flower Design) Price in Pakistan33,500 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-385H Price in Pakistan35,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-385H (Flower Design) Price in Pakistan35,500 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-245 SD (New Full Freezer) Price in Pakistan28,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-285 SD (New Full Freezer) Price in Pakistan30,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-345 SD (New Full Freezer) Price in Pakistan32,000 (Pak Rupee)
  • Haier HDF-405 SD (New Full Freezer) Price in Pakistan35,000 (Pak Rupee)
Haier Fresh Deep Freezer Review
From Haier comes the range of refrigerators that takes the entire outlook of freezing technology to a new level. With the Haier Fresh Freezer, you can have solid crystals of ice within four hours. To add it up, these appliances take down the entire volume of around 15Kgs to the temperature of -18 in 24 hours. The appliances are available in two models the HDF 325H that is bigger in size and can hold 295 cubic liters of volume. The other model, which is HDF 385H, can store around 365 cubic liters of stuff. What is astounding about these refrigerators is that it can retain its cooling below -9 Celsius for the duration of 10 hours, without electricity. The Haier Fresh Freezer has been built with special copper coil evaporator mechanism that makes efficient usage of cooling and keeps it rust free. The strong foaming around the body of the refrigerator makes it act like a thermos keeping the outer temperature out and internal cooling within in appliance. The new Haier Fresh Freezer comes with the trapezoid lid that is especially designed to fit on the top of the compartment, keeping the cooling trapped in the body and the hinges of the door makes it freeze at various position making it easy for you to open and close the lid. For today’s home, Haier Fresh Freezer is a real asset.


Haier Fresh Deep Freezer Features
  • Direct Cooling Type
  • 15KG Freezing Capacity
  • Ice Making within 04 hours
  • Retain Freezing up to 10 Hours
  • Easy-side fresh food storage
  • Full width Deli tray
  • Energy consumption (KWH/24h) 2.50
  • 158L super-big freezing chamber
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