Haier HRF-340 H (Deluxe) Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Haier HRF-340 H (Deluxe) Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 36,500
  • Haier HRF-340 H (Deluxe) Refrigerator Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Haier
  • Product Type : Refrigerator
  • Series : Super Star
  • Model : HRF-340H
  • Number Of Doors : 2-Door
  • Cooling System : 4-Way Cooling
  • Year : 2012
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 36,500
  • Capacity : 14 Cu-Ft
  • Colors : Silver Grey / DM / Beige

  • Haier HRF-340 H (Deluxe) Refrigerator Prices
  • Haier HRF-340 H (Deluxe) Price in Pakistan36,500 (Pak Rupee)
Haier HRF-340 H (Deluxe) Refrigerator Review
Company overview
Haier is an emerging company which has proved its metal in a very short time span. Usually companies have to wait for the decades to capture a particular market and cater their needs in a way that, healthy and strong brand recognition is created. China was criticized for the fact that it had not a single successful multination brand. But Haier has fulfilled this gap as it has made strong footholds in the Asian markets. Haier has yet to travel a long way to reach the European and American markets but the pace of its success leaves no ambiguity that one day it is also going to be equally recognized in the western markets.

Product specification
Haier HRF-340 h (deluxe) has a huge 344L of net capacity which makes it perfectly suitable for the large families. Those who live in remote areas and can only shop once in a week can store the whole lots of food in it. It is called deluxe because of its jumbo size and huge capacity. It surely blurs the line between a deep freezer and a refrigerator. Its Multi air Cooling System guarantees extra performance in severe odd conditions. Haier HRF-340 h (deluxe) is capable of producing an ultra-performance even at 50 degree centigrade. It is 660 mm Wide. This extra width is the secret to its capacity. It has specially designed larger and handy compartments for various specialized utilities. For example it has dedicated storage rooms for vegetables, fruits, eggs, beverages, medicine and water. It has larger compartments which can accommodate larger utensils and containers. Large cakes and full sizes pizzas can easily be stored in this huge giant jumbo sized refrigerator. It has a digital temperature control which preserves its cooling and saves energy up to 30 percent.

We may easily conclude that Haier HRF-340 h (deluxe) is the best option for Pakistani households of larger size. Haier HRF-340 h (deluxe) refrigerator price in Pakistan is reasonable, when compared to the rest of the alternatives in the market.


Haier HRF-340 H Features
  • 344L Net Capacity
  • Multi-air Cooling System
  • 660mm Width
  • Easy-side Fresh Food Storage
  • Special Separate Room for Dairy or Medicine
  • VC-Retaining Technique
  • Digital Temperature Controls
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