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How to Use Timepey Money Transfer

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There are times when a someone comes with an innovation that changes the entire course of history in an entirely new direction. This was done by Easy paisa a few years back with the introduction of branchless banking. To make things even better and stand upright against the established UBL Omni, Zong Timepey comes with a lot more than expected. Easy to use, readily available throughout the country and every economical charges with endless facilities. Zong Timepey is really exciting. In addition, this service can be availed from numerous Timepey shops, Zong franchises and Askari bank branches across the country.

Timepey Money Transfer

This service is very easy to use. By using Timepey service, anyone can send money, pay utility bills or even deposit money from any Timpay shop in a very effective and secure way. Anyone can use this service without any registration charges. This is in addition to paying bills, and sending and receiving directly in your Timepey account. The procedure of sending or receiving money through Timepey:

Steps to send money:

  • The sender of money needs to show his original CNIC to representative of Timepey shop.
  • The sender also has to provide a photocopy of his/her CNIC for security purposes.
  • Provide a valid CNIC number of the receiver of the money.
  • A sender has to give his mobile number and also the mobile number of the receiver.
  • The sender will get a 4-digit pass code, which he will provide to the receiver.
  • Both the parties will get a confirmation sms on their cell phones.
  • How to receive money:

  • The receiver will show his/her original CNIC and provide one photocopy of the card.
  • The receiver will provide the transaction code (4-digit pass code).
  • Then agent of Timepey will perform the transaction and both customer and agent will get a notification sms.
  • The agent will make payment of money to the customer.

The cap of sending and receiving money remains Rs. 15000 like all other services and the rates of this service are same as Mobicash, launched almost the same time.

You can send money on account of Timepey:

In addition to sending money to CNIC, anyone can also send money to Timepey accounts. It requires original CNIC of sender along with its copy and the mobile number of the receiver and the sender. The Mobile number of the receiver is in fact the account number of the Timepey account holder. Both receiver and the sender will receive a confirmation message of receiving money. However, designated service shops and Askari branches having Timepey counters can only do this.

In addition to branchless banking, this service also allows paying bills, checking the balance in Timepey account with no fee. A unique feature of this service is that it has broadened the service horizon for corporate clients as well, which was absent earlier.

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