Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Do you belong to classes of extravagant who have a passion of expensive mobiles? On the other hand, simply if you can afford to possess an expensive mobile phone then read our post of most expensive mobiles in world. This is going to give you a better insight into what the world’s most expensive mobile phones are like and what is their price tag. The major difference in prices comes from design aspects while a few of them also resides exclusive technical features. Most of these expensive mobile phones are designed with precious diamonds and pearls.

Most Expensive Mobiles In The World

World has been changing day by day and so is the behavior of consumers also moves on with more and more innovations in mobile technologies such as their connectivity, operating systems, multimedia and other cellular communications like 4G networking. Some people look for smart features and functionalities while for others, functions do not bother. Read more about most expensive mobile phones below:

5.Vertu Signature:
Vertu Signature is a luxurious cellular phone with Symbian mobile OS and graded as fifth most expensive in the world. The leading model of Signature launched by Vertu, a British manufacturer is a complete luxury experience. Earlier, Vertu was a division of Nokia however Nokia sold 90% of Vertu shares in June, 2012. Signature is hand-made and its price is $83,000 USD for regular model. With its special concierge button, user can render concierge service for whole day. It contains 5 tiny pearls of ruby bearings.

4. Vertu Diamond:
Another Vertu handset is at number fourth in most expensive mobile phones in the world and is another type of luxury handset. Its price is $ 1,02,660 USD and made by diamonds and platinum. Diamond comes in different colors such black, blue, brown, red, yellow and tan. The phone also has scratch resistance glass feature. Considering its nice design the phone is mind-blowing.

3. Vertu Cobra:
Another Vertu phone comes at number third. Beside its cobra look its price is of $2,70,400. The phone was previously at number two in most expensive mobiles of the world. In its internal feature, it is obsolete phone featuring 1MB internal memory and no touch screen. The design was made by a French designer “Boucheron”. With its 439 rubies and a few diamonds, it has been emerged as 3rd most expensive mobile phone.

2. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:
Second rank has been given to $1 million mobile phone Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. Other names of phone are “Gresso” and “Las Vegas Jackpot”. Although phone is rich of luxury and mind blowing in design but specs are not the same. Whole phone has been made by 180 gm of Gold and each key is individually polished by hand.

1. Crypto Smartphone:
The first place has been taken by Crypto Smartphone, costing $1.3 million USD. The design was created by Peter Aloisson and it is embedded with Windows CE. The phone has robust encryption technology which means it will one of the most secured Smartphones in the world. The front end is enriched with 50 diamonds of different colors.

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    Looking not attractive but the diamond and pearl availability make these phone much expensive

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