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If you are looking for some information about motorcycles in Pakistan, you have come to the right website. An overview of some of the most famous brands of motorcycles is given below.

1. Metro Motorcycles
The Metro Jeet and the Metro MR 70 Boom are two of the most popular models of the Metro motorcycles. These are good quality motorcycles. However, they are also very expensive. They cost approximately forty thousand.

2. Honda Motorcycles
You can check out the reviews about different models of Honda motorcycles. This is one of the most well established and oldest brands for motorcycles. For this reason, the Honda motorcycles are also very expensive. For instance, the price of Honda Pridor 2013 model is Rs. 83,000.

3. Suzuki Motorcycles
Another world famous name is Suzuki. Perhaps the greatest percentage of vehicles running today all over Pakistan comprises Suzuki vehicles. Similarly, the motorcycles are also very popular due to their reliability and durability. One of the latest motorcycles by Suzuki is the Suzuki Raider 2013 model. The cost of this motorcycle is Rs. 85,400.

4. Ravi Motorcycles
Ravi is a local brand in the market of motorcycles. It is also a new brand, which was approved by the Government of Pakistan only recently. There are different models of Ravi motorcycles available in the market. The average cost of these motorcycles is around Rs. 40,000.

5. Super Star Motorcycles
Super Star is also a local brand. However, this is quite an old brand, which has been established since 1994. There are a number of models of motorcycles under the brand name Super Star. The price range starts from approximately forty thousand rupees.

6. Yamaha Motorcycles
Yamaha is another renowned manufacturer of motorcycles. These motorbikes are also comparatively more expensive than the local brands.

Other than the brands mentioned above, there are several other brands as well. Moreover, there are numerous models of motorbikes available, some old while some latest.

You can check out the review of all these models. In this way, you will be able to find out what are the features you should look for if you want to buy a motorcycle for yourself.

Moreover, these reviews will also help you make a comparison between the different types of motorbikes available in the market. Making a comparison between their prices is also very important.

Motorcycles are meant to be for single bachelors or for people who cannot afford expensive and luxurious cars. However, most people will find the prices of motorcycles to be high too. In that case, you can go for motorcycles which are available on installments. In this way, you will be able to purchase a motorcycle very easily staying within your budget.