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Some people like economical ride while for others powerful bike is a desirable commodity, so people have different needs. Suzuki has a whole range of bikes which suits to almost all kinds of bike needs. Japanese technology used in fabricating its high performing engine promises the technology used at its best. Comfortable ride is a must have thing and Suzuki has made no compromises in maintain the quality of their product. Suzuki delivers high yet staying economical and comfortable.

Besides being economical to the bike users Suzuki motor bikes are ecological as well. In simpler words they are environmental friendly vehicles as their engines are engineered in such a way that they do not pollute the surrounding much. Suzuki bikes are durable and long lasting ones. Having a Suzuki bike would not let you move to the mechanic too often. You may find that Suzuki bikes are not that good in resale value if compared with Honda and Yamaha bikes. But there are plenty of features which simply outweigh this flaw of Suzuki.

If you look at the prices of other motor bikes with similar features which are parallel to this brand, you will be amazed. Prices of Suzuki bikes are relatively lower than the other brands in competitions. We are of course not including china bikes in competition to Suzuki bikes. The only competitors of Suzuki motorbikes in Pakistan are Honda and Yamaha.

Suzuki has proudly launched GS 150cc bike in the recent years. It is equipped with some of the finest features which are rarely offered in the Pakistani bike market. Suzuki GS 150cc is a blessed with self starter which is placed under the right thumb of the person riding this giant bike. Price of this wonderful bike is 95,500 rupees and to your surprise Honda is selling its 125cc deluxe motor bike at 115,000 rupees. Suzuki bikes are made with Japanese technology which aims to deliver the highest of performance and a better fuel efficiency. All these bikes have huge fuel tanks up to 10.5 liters which can take you further and further.