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Nokia 1280 Price in Pakistan

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Nokia 1280 Price in Pakistan
  • Nokia 1280 Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Nokia
  • Product Type : Mobile Phone
  • Model : 1280
  • Year : 2012
  • Screen Size : 96 x 68 pixels, 1.36 inches
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 2,350
  • Colors : Black, Gray, Blue, Orchid
  • Memory : Phonebook 500 entries
  • Weight : 81.9 g

  • Nokia 1280 Prices
  • Nokia 1280 Price in Pakistan 2,350 (Pak Rupee)

Nokia 1280 Review

There are many low price phones available in Pakistan these days. With the availability of camera phones in abundance at very low prices, the demand for black and white screen handset has suffered a lot. These phones are mostly kept for rapid texting as they have a rubber finger-friendly keypad. This is the reason Nokia 1280 price in Pakistan also ranks this phone in low budget phones.

The phone has a small 1.36 inches black and white screen with the size of 96 x 68 pixels. Nokia 1280 is currently available in Black, Gray, Blue and Orchid colors, however it exudes the best look in black and grey colors. The price of Nokia 1280 in Pakistan is worth its specifications. You can buy this phone just in less than Rs. 1900 and it offers everything what this range offers. If you are looking for a secondary or a backup phone for simple use this is what you are looking for; economical and available with all necessary specifications.

Most phones of this category are quite heavy in weight but unlike others this phone weighs only 81.9 g. The Nokia 1280 has a very long lasting Li-Ion 800 mAh battery that offers a talk time of up to 8 hours and 30 minutes. Typically for texting and making calls, this phone is the best in terms of battery time and talk time. For entertainment, the phone also offers a FM radio. You can tune into your favorite FM station and listen to news, songs, live shows and much more. However, you should not expect anything more than this from a phone like this and this is all what it gives.

Moreover, the Nokia phones of this category are very rough and tough phones. No matter how roughly you use them, they are going to complete their term more than what one would normally expect. The keypad is quite smooth and the user feels like running his fingers onto a flat smooth surface. You can develop a fast texting speed using this handset in a short while. The graphics are not special; the phone offers monochrome graphics and it is all fine in this price.

Moving further, the phone has built in MP3 ringtones and you can set those ringtones for alarm tone, ringtone and contact tone. The flashlight is the key feature of this phone that is very helpful in darkness and other purposes. Flashlight phones are always very popular in Pakistan due to the shortage of electricity.

The phone also offers exchangeable color covers. Charging your phone again and again even if you need it at any instance is not at all good. So this phone offers a prolonged stand by time up to 528h. The phones in competition with this phone are comparatively expensive, but the Nokia 1280 price in Pakistan is very reasonable and affordable with all the necessary features.

Nokia 1280 Pictures

Nokia 1280 Features

  • The weight of this mobile phone does not bring it in weighty handset, it weight is only 81.9 g
  • Dimensions 107.2 x 45.1 x 15.3 mm, 62.3 cc
  • Type Monochrome graphic
  • The FM radio of this handset connects you by current affairs news
  • The screen size of this cell phone is only 1.36 inches which is a small size of screen
  • Alert Type MP3 ringtones
  • The flashligh of this mobile phone helps you in darkness
  • Exchangeable color covers
  • The battery type of this cell phone is standard battery with Li-Ion 800 mAh which provides you a long battery Timing
  • The Talk Time of this handset is very suitable of your calls timing and is consists of Up to 8 h 30 min
  • The prolonged standby time of this handset prevent you again and again charging which is Up to 528 h
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    I want to sell my Nokia 1280, in better condition. Final Price 1100 PKR only mobile. Only interested person contact me. 03320679987. UET Taxila/Rawalpindi

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