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Nokia 2600 Classic Price in Pakistan

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Nokia 2600 Classic Price in Pakistan
  • Nokia 2600 Classic Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Nokia
  • Product Type : Mobile Phone
  • Model : 2600 Classic
  • Screen Size : 1.77 inches
  • Display Resolution : 128 x 160 pixels
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs.Disconnected
  • Camera : VGA, 640x480 pixels
  • Colors : Black, Orange, Blue, Beige
  • Memory : 10MB
  • Weight : 73.2 g

  • Nokia 2600 Classic Prices
  • Nokia 2600 Classic Price in Pakistan Disconnected (Pak Rupee)
Nokia 2600 Classic Review
Despite the flaws that have been observed in Nokia 2600 classic, the product is worth a look for budget-conscious buyers. Nokia has always been known for combining utility with affordability and Nokia 2600 classic is no exception. The menu displays easily recognizable icons for accessing various functions like messaging, contacts, settings etc. One of the flaws in the functioning of the phone is that opening folders and activating programs can sometimes take up to a second because of lag, which quickly becomes annoying.

The outlook of the handset is better than most of the phones in this price bracket, though it feels flimsy and every squeeze causes a creak or groan. On the plus side, it is very light at 73g and it has a slim line design. Nokia 2600 classic includes an FM radio, voice recorder, media player, Bluetooth 2.0 and a VGA camera. However, potential buyers must keep in mind the restricted use of camera and media player because the 2600 classic only has 10MB of internal memory, which cannot be expanded.

The keypad’s five-way navigational pad is slightly too small and the keys do not provide enough bounce-back. This slows down the usage of the keypad, especially if the user is a texting enthusiast. However, for someone who wants to own a smart phone with modest features and prefers to make a call rather than texting responses, Nokia 2600 classic would make a nice selection.

There are some features that make Nokia 2600 classic a good choice overall starting from customization. Although its features are bland and have nothing to fancy for, but setting up backgrounds, using mp3 ringtones, screensavers and changing the theme of this phone are its key features, that take it a big step ahead than rest of the phones of the same type.

The display of 2600 Classic is comparatively better and it displays color brighter because of the Nokia 2600’s 16 bit. In addition to this, 2600 classic is sporting a good screen, gives a clearer call quality, which also go in the favor of this phone. The speakerphone can be activated while in a call by clicking the ‘options’ key and scrolling down to ‘loudspeaker’ and clicking again. Nokia 2600 possesses a noticeably long battery life and also gets charged in lesser time than required by other cell phones.

Despite having a plastic case giving a low cost feel, limited internal memory, which also is not extendable and gruesomely slow navigation through the menus and icons, there are a lot of features that make Nokia 2600 classic a real classy choice. Improved battery efficiency, easy to find menus, vivid display quality, all make Nokia 2600 classic price in Pakistan definitely worth every rupee spent on it.

Nokia 2600 Classic Pictures
Nokia 2600 Classic Features
  • 73.2 g Weight
  • 1.77 inches Screen Size
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • 10 MB Internal Memory
  • VGA, 640×480 pixels camera
  • Available in Black, Orange, Blue, Beige colors
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 870 mAh (BL-5BT)
  • Stand by Up to 580 h
  • Talk Time Up to 6 h
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