Sonex Ceiling Fan Prices in Pakistan

Sonex Ceiling Fan Prices in Pakistan
  • Sonex Ceiling Fan Prices in Pakistan
  • Company : Sonex
  • Product Type : Fan
  • Year : 2012
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 1,950 To Rs. 3,400
  • Colors : White, Off White, Maroon, Black
  • Body Type : Ceiling
  • Size : 36, 48 or 56 Inches
  • Additional Features : A Grade Insulation Material, Noiseless

  • Bravo Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan1,950 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan1,925 (Pak Rupee)
  • 36″ Price in Pakistan1,850 (Pak Rupee)

  • Fantasy-A Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan2,150 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan2,125 (Pak Rupee)

  • Universal Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan2,550 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan2,400 (Pak Rupee)

  • Universal Double Tone Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan2,515 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan2,500 (Pak Rupee)

  • Venus-B Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan3,075 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan3,050 (Pak Rupee)

  • Crown Prices
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan3,130 (Pak Rupee)
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan3,150 (Pak Rupee)

  • Classic-A Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan3,100 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan3,075 (Pak Rupee)

  • Antigue Prices
  • 56″ Price in Pakistan3,400 (Pak Rupee)
  • 48″ Price in Pakistan3,375 (Pak Rupee)
Sonex Ceiling Fans Review
With the most fascinating and state of the art engineering, Sonex Electrical Industries (PVT) Ltd. is trying to expand its business by introducing stylish looking Sonex Ceiling Fans. Although there exist so many companies in the market for home appliances but it seems that Sonex is ready to accept the challenge to face its competitors. If you give a look to its dynamic manufacturing of Ceiling fans, you will surely tempt to place them in your homes. They look quite impressive and decent which surely improve the décor of your living standards. Now, let me explain you some more technical features of this new category of ceiling fans. After that, you can easily compare Sonex Ceiling Fans price in Pakistan and buy the right one. There are so many models like fantasy, deluxe, universal, venus, crown, classic and antique, showing true innovations with excellence. Sonex believes that they have the latest technology with CNC Lathe Machine, Die casting and Automatic coating machines that allow them to facilitate the customers with multi sizes of fans and vivid designs and colors. The company qualifies all these products as the lowest power consumption fans consuming around 50 to 80 watts of power to give you lowest electricity bills. Give your thoughts a chance to think of this new Sonex Ceiling category and enjoy the summers with the freshen air from it.
Sonex Ceiling Fans Pictures
Sonex Ceiling Fans Features
  • Imported Classed 1 Ball Bearing
  • A Grade Insulation Material
  • Long Lasting Motor
  • Noiseless
  • Remote Control
  • Available in 36″, 48″, and 56″
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