Super Asia Room Air Coolers Price in Pakistan

Super Asia Room Air Coolers Price in Pakistan
  • Super Asia Room Air Coolers Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Super Asia
  • Product Type : Air Cooler
  • Year : 2012
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 9,600 To Rs. 17,200
  • Colors : White, Gray, Beige
  • Body Type : Both Plastic and Metal Body Room Coolers
  • Air Swing : Auto
  • Additional Features : Swedish Evaporative Cooling

  • Super Asia Jet Cool Prices
  • JC-1000 Price in Pakistan9,600 (Pak Rupee)
  • JC-3000 Price in Pakistan10,500 (Pak Rupee)

  • Super Asia Quick Cool Prices
  • ECM 2500 Price in Pakistan10,300 (Pak Rupee)

  • Super Asia Heat Hunter Prices
  • ECM 4000 Price in Pakistan10,700 (Pak Rupee)

  • Super Asia Desert Bush Plastic Body Prices
  • RAC-450 PK Price in Pakistan13,200 (Pak Rupee)
  • Rac-450 PP Price in Pakistan14,300 (Pak Rupee)

  • Super Asia Desert Bush Metal Body Prices
  • Rac-450 MK Price in Pakistan13,600 (Pak Rupee)
  • Rac-450 MP Price in Pakistan14,600 (Pak Rupee)

  • Super Asia Fast Cool Prices
  • ECS-8000 MP Price in Pakistan17,200 (Pak Rupee)
Super Asia Room Air Coolers Review
Coolers are the most essential appliances used widely in different areas i.e. offices and homes. With the combination of smart designs, efficient and effective engineering, Super Asia brings in various models of its coolers which are very famous since 1980s, that are most reliable and durable. As the tiring summer of Pakistan require efficient cooling to keep oneself away from the drastic heat of it, Super Asia has forwarded and introduced some new models in the market that fits best with the summer. Super Asia falls in with many designs and shapes of its production to grab the maximum range of clients and customers. These are capable of various enticing functions that will surely makes your summer quite peaceful and relax. Let’s find out what is new in these models. This time the company has launched models like quick cool, heat hunter, desert bush and jet cool coolers that are small and large having many features. Super Asia coolers are installed with Swedish Evaporative Cooling Pads that gives away maximum cooling in a more fascinating way. The front is designed in such a way that Large Air Outlet for Even Cooling can be utilized to aplomb the intensity of heat in summers. To improve the durability of these coolers, Super Asia has used Shock and Rust Proof material to avoid any sort of hindrance like rusting and earth in its working. Auto Air Swing in it scatters the entire air all over the room. The best part of these coolers is that they are made up with Japanese Electrical Silicon Steel Sheet that is capable of consuming very Less Electricity. This surely results in better performance of electricity usage which is considered as key factor in Pakistan. Last but not the least; you don’t need to refill the water inside cooler by yourself as it has designed with Automatic Water Refilling by Float Valve System. Super Asia cooler prices are quite economical with the other rates available in the market. Super Asia coolers gives you satisfied performance as this company is striving to be the leader in all of their products to win utmost trust and loyalty of their customers.
Super Asia Room Air Coolers Pictures
Super Asia Room Air Coolers Features
  • Swedish Evaporative Cooling Pads for Maximum Cooling
  • Large Air Outlet for Even Cooling
  • Shock and Rust Proof
  • Japanese Electrical Silicon Steel Sheet Consumes Less Electricity
  • Automatic Water Refilling by Float Valve System
  • Auto Air Swing
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  1. FarhanMay 6,2014 Reply

    Is the Room Cooler works fine in Karachi ???

  2. AaqilSep 27,2012 Reply

    I don’t like Super Asia air coolers. Jaldi kharab ho gaya tha hamara new cooler.

  3. ShahidApr 11,2012 Reply

    from where i can buy, in karachi

  4. Hari KrishnanMar 6,2012 Reply

    Dear sir,

    We are looking Jet cool 3000 or higher capacity desert cooler for the factory.

    Could you please tell us more about the available cooler, The preferred one is Heat Humder Electrical Industry.

    Please arrange to send me the details including, Commercial side and technical side with Photos of the equipment

    Wait for your reply.

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