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Ufone SMS Packages Daily And Weekly

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Ufone is always smart and smart enough for bringing the most enjoyable and fantastic SMS packages for its customers. It has targeted the young generation of Pakistan and that is why every young gun has an Ufone SIM card in his/her mobile phone. You can never find a variety of choices in SMS packages anywhere else except those that are given by Ufone. You have different plans to subscribe to daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even yearly SMS packages. So, what are you waiting for, find a suitable package from below links and try to enrich your mobile experience.

Ufone SMS Packages

SMS Packages for Uth Subscribers:

    Uth is a superb package by Ufone and it offers valuable calling and texting facilities to subscribers. The SMS offers include Uth SMS FnF Package, Uth daily SMS package and Weekly SMS bucket. Find details of these packages in individual corners given below.
    1. Uth SMS FnF Package:

  • This package is available only for Uth subscribers.
  • It gives unlimited number of free SMS for 30 days.
  • These SMS are valid only for FnF numbers and SMS sent to other numbers will be charged as per standard rates.
  • Charges for subscription to this package are Rs.5 plus taxes.
  • To subscribe to this package, type “sub” and send it to 604.
  • To check the remaining amount of SMS, you can send a blank SMS to 606.
  • 2. Uth Daily SMS Package:

  • This daily SMS bundle can be subscribed only on Uth package.
  • You can send 600 SMS to any network for 24 hours from the time of subscription.
  • Charges for this package are Rs.1.99 plus taxes.
  • To activate this package, send an SMS to 612 with “sub”.
  • 3. Weekly SMS Bucket:

  • The details of this weekly SMS bucket are only applied to Uth package subscribers.
  • You can send 1200 SMS to any number across Pakistan.
  • Validity for this package is 7 days and it will be automatically subscribed after expiry date.
  • To subscribe to this package, you can send an SMS to 608 with a text of “sub”.

Yearly SMS Package:

Ufone offers a yearly SMS bundle for its customers. You never have to check that whether you run out of your SMS bucket or not. Just subscribe to this offer and enjoy for a whole year. Keep sending SMS to any network in Pakistan and never feel limitations for your craze. Following are the details of this SMS bundle offer.

  • With this yearly offer, you are given unlimited free SMS that are valid to be sent to any network in Pakistan.
  • Unlimited SMS means a fair amount of 100,000 SMS.
  • Charges for this yearly package are Rs. 666 plus taxes.
  • To subscribe to this offer, you can send an SMS to 601 with “sub” and amount will be deducted from your account only for once.
  • To check that how many SMS are left in your account, send a free SMS to 606.

Daily On-net SMS Package:

Ufone has introduced this SMS package for its valued customers who just want to be in contact with Ufone family. Right from the subscription time, you are rewarded loads of free SMS but that can be sent to only Ufone numbers anywhere in Pakistan. Check the details of this unique offer and enjoy with Ufone fellows sharing your deep feelings and ideas.

  • You are sanctioned 500 SMS valid only for Ufone numbers.
  • Validity period is 24 hours from the time of subscription to onward.
  • For subscription to this package, send an SMS to 611 with “sub”.
  • You will be charged for Rs.2 plus taxes for one day subscription.
  • It will be automatically re-subscribed unless you do not have sufficient balance in your account.

Night Package:

Along with night call package, Ufone introduces SMS night package to be as a premium service for its customers. You can subscribe to this night SMS package by paying almost nothing in return. Check the details that what is premium in this SMS package.

  • You can send 300 SMS to any cellular network in Pakistan.
  • You can use this night Package for 8 hours i.e. 12am to 8am.
  • Charges for subscribing to this SMS offer are Rs.1 plus taxes.
  • To subscribe, type “sub” and send it to 609.

Daily Package (On-net and Off-net):

And now comes the usual offer of SMS for all package holders of Ufone. This is a full day SMS bundle offer on which you are given free hand to share your thoughts, emotions, feelings and sense of humor with your loved ones. Check the details of this package in following bullets.

  • 500 SMS are loaded in your account for 24 hours.
  • The validity period starts from the time of subscription to 24 hours onward.
  • You will be charged for Rs.3.99 plus taxes per day.
  • To subscribe to this daily SMS package, send “sub” to 605.
  • It will be automatically activated after the completion of validity period and balance will be deducted from your account, if existed.

Fortnightly Package:

Fortnightly SMS package of Ufone is the most economical package offered by any cellular network in Pakistan. You can enjoy sending SMS to any number and network in Pakistan. Fortnightly SMS package will be given to all package holders of Ufone and no daily subscription fee will be deducted from your account. Check the details of this package.

  • You can send 2500 SMS to any network in Pakistan for two weeks.
  • Charges for this SMS bundle are Rs.25 plus taxes for each subscription.
  • To subscribe to this SMS offer, you can send an SMS to 603 with “sub”.
  • These SMS are valid only in Pakistan and standard charges will be applied for international SMS.

Unlimited Package:

And keeping its deals to more exciting edges, Ufone now introduces the unlimited SMS package. This is a monthly package and allows you to rejoice with your friends and fellows anytime, anywhere and at any number. Read complete details of this package and enjoy sending SMS round the clock.

  • You are given 9,000 SMS valid to be sent on any network in Pakistan.
  • These 9,000 SMS can be utilized within a month from the time of subscription.
  • To activate this package, you can send an SMS to 607 with “sub”.
  • After sending the SMS, your account will be charged for Rs.80 plus taxes.
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