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Warid Postpaid Call Packages

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Like other cellular companies in Pakistan, Warid is also offering fabulous call rates over several packages for its postpaid customers. These packages are exciting deals and Warid leaves no stone unturned to provide its customers what they really want. These packages are mentioned in the following paragraphs and complete details are provided in chronological order to minimize complexity.

Warid Postpaid Call Packages

Postpaid Weekend / LNO Offer:

Postpaid weekend or LNO offer is an incredible offer by Warid. Now postpaid customers can enjoy low rates and make long calls at night. The amazing part is that you can make long calls on all Warid numbers on weekend, which means 24 hours of Sundays. It means that your leisurely moments are kept under rejoice and your loved ones will never miss you. Keep in touch with Warid family and enjoy the lowest rates on all calls.
Details of this package are as follows:

  • Time frame of making calls is limited from 12am to 7am.
  • You will be charged at the rate of 5 paisa plus taxes per minute.
  • Monthly charges will be billed at the rate of Rs.99 plus taxes.
  • This service will be activated throughout the 24 hours of Sunday.
  • Prepaid customers cannot avail this offer.
  • This subscription will remain activate unless the customer intentionally deactivates it.

My 5:

Keep yourself busy with MY 5 package, which is available only for postpaid customers of Warid. Forget about boring times and say your deepest feelings to closed ones. Warid always tries to innovate something extraordinary for its customers and this package is one example of it. My 5 is Friends and Family package and it can only be acquired by the 30 seconds pulse subscribers. The previous subscribers of Old Zahi e.g Silver (Zero Line Rental), 150, 500 and 1000 line packages should be upgraded to 250, 750, 1500 and 2500 line rental packages (30 seconds pulse) to avail this offer. Subscribers of Postpaid Unlimited Package cannot subscribe to My 5 package as Friends and Family numbers are already free in that package. Other details of this package are as follows.

  • Subscribers of My 5 can make unlimited calls to 5 friends and family Warid numbers.
  • Fair usage policy will be applied on the word unlimited, which means you can make calls up to 5000 minutes and above that limit standard charges will be applied.
  • You are charged for Rs.500 plus taxes per month for this package.
  • An additional security deposit will be made on subscription of this package. It will be charged at the rate of Rs.500 plus taxes.
  • For subscription to this package, you can call 321 or visit nearest Warid Business Centers or Franchises.
  • Friends and Family numbers can be added or deleted by sending SMS to 129 and these numbers if once selected, cannot be changed for 30 days.
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