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Wateen Wireless Internet Packages

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Wateen Wireless Internet Packages
  • Wateen Wireless Internet Packages
  • Product Type : Internet
  • Brand : Wateen
  • Year : 2012
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 818 To Rs. 4,717

  • Wateen Wireless Internet (512Kbps) Packages Prices
  • First Time (7GB)2,317 (Pak Rupee)
  • Monthly (7GB)818 (Pak Rupee)

  • Wateen Wireless Internet (1Mbps) Packages Prices
  • First Time (7GB)2,517 (Pak Rupee)
  • First Time (Unlimited)3,117 (Pak Rupee)
  • Monthly (7GB)1,018 (Pak Rupee)
  • Monthly (Unlimited)1,618 (Pak Rupee)

  • Wateen Wireless Internet (1.5Mbps) Packages Prices
  • First Time (12GB)3,017 (Pak Rupee)
  • Monthly (12GB)1,518 (Pak Rupee)
  • Wateen Wireless Internet (2Mbps) Packages Prices
  • First Time (Unlimited)4,717 (Pak Rupee)
  • Monthly (Unlimited)3,218 (Pak Rupee)

Wateen Wireless Internet Packages Review

Wateen is global provider of wireless internet service and pioneer in broadband in the world. It serves its customers with premium and reliable wireless internet service. Wateen wireless internet offers standard as well customized internet packages in Pakistan. The internet packages from this internet service have been arranged among three groups- students, professionals and businesses. Customer can choose the internet package that suits his needs and budget. Other than its wireless internet service, Wateen also offers Wired Broadband, Wateen Multimedia and different customized solutions for organizations.

Wateen Wireless Internet Connection:

If you are going to buy internet connection from Wateen Telecom, make sure the coverage is available in your area. Being the largest wireless broadband network of Pakistan, Wateen ensures maximum coverage in 25 major cities of Pakistan. Do not forget to check coverage in your area before you submit connection request. For packages and tariff explore more below.

Wateen Wireless Internet Packages:

Different internet packages have been introduced by the company as “Starter Package”, “Essential Package”, “Premium Package” and “Advance Package”. Beside these, customer can also subscribe to additional internet within the same package.

Starter Package:

Starter internet package supplies 512kbps speed and a limited downloading of 7 GB. Additionally there is night unlimited download for RS. 300. Unlimited downloads are valid during 1am to 11am. The connection total price is RS. 2317 including first month line rent. Monthly line rent is RS. 818.

Essential Package:

Essential internet package has been divided into two sub packages limited and unlimited downloading. The connection for limited downloading of 7 GB at speed of 1.0mbps is available for RS. 799. Night unlimited downloading can be subscribed for RS. 400 in addition. The total connection price of limited download package is RS. 2,517 including first month line rent. Monthly line rent is RS. 1,018.

The other package gives you 512mbps with unlimited downloading for the price of RS. 999. Unlimited downloading is only valid during 1am to 11am and can be used with Bolt devices only. Fair usage policy applies for unlimited downloading. The total price of Wateen connection is RS. 3117 including first month line rent. Monthly line rent is RS. 1618.

Premium Package:

Premium package comes with a connection speed of 1.5mbps and downloading of 12 GB for the price of RS. 1299. Additional RS. 650 apply to nigh unlimited downloading. The total connection price is RS. 3017 including first month line rent. Monthly line rent is RS. 1518.

The second package offers 1.0mbps speed and unlimited downloading for the price of RS. 1399. Unlimited downloading is only valid during 1am to 11am. Fair usage policy applies on downloading.

Advance Package:

Advance package gives 2.0mbps speed with unlimited downloading. The package price is RS 2999. Fair usage policy applies on downloading. Total price of Wateen connection is RS. 4717 including first month line rent. Monthly line rent is RS. 3218.

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  1. Arif AzizMar 23,2013 Reply

    With due respect I beg to offer my below mentioned open plot on rent purpose for fixing
    a Mobile Tower of your good company.

    Plot No.B-146,Sector 4C,Maraqba Hall, Surjani Town Karachi (400Sq.Yards)


  2. ghulam nabiMar 15,2013 Reply

    sir mujhe aap ki office ka contact num chaye

  3. adnan iqbalMar 10,2013 Reply

    kya main ksi or campni ka net lagwa lon ya phir ap net theakh karen plz

  4. adnanMar 10,2013 Reply

    ap ki wateen theakh kam nhi karti

  5. tanveerFeb 11,2013 Reply

    mangi ha wateen service

  6. Zafar IqbalJan 29,2013 Reply

    I need a connection at Korangi No- 2 1/2, Karachi. Please provide your all information including your area coverage map.

  7. ahsanDec 21,2012 Reply

    thanks admin

  8. susltan aliDec 16,2012 Reply

    distteric swat main wateen kab kam shoro karega?

  9. Muhammad Aslam VirkOct 9,2012 Reply

    can i use wateen wireless internet in Tench Bhatta Rawalpindi? Whare from I buy the wateen USB in Rawalpindi?

  10. Syed Zeshan AhmedSep 8,2012 Reply

    Don’t buy Mobilink Infinity…I bought the 2mb unlimited with wifi last week..through some sales person when i called their official no…got the device 1 day after and paid Rs 3900…they said it will activate in 6 hrs which was strange, bcoz previously i owned a witribe and wateen, and both got activated then and there.. I waited for 6 hrs, and after trying again and again, the login and password provided to me, it kept giving login errors…i tried calling at mobility and after many calls to the customer care some guy picked up and after giving my info i was told that my database doesn’t exists…i was shocked and horrified what had happened.. the next day i called the sales person..she said to call the customer service again..i tried and tired no one picked up..she said she tried too and no one is picking up..i told her if my internet doesn’t get activated by tomorrow i will return the device and i want my money back … 3rd day it didn’t get activated , i tried loging in.. she told me to email to the customer care and they will call back , so i did and no one called.. i decided the next day to return, i went to the johar mobilink franchise, they said it wasn’t bought from here so it wont be returned here, i told them when u are selling something you come to us like angels and we come to u to return and get our money back which is our Right, you treat us like shit…i finally found a mobilink customer care in gulshan near expo center..i returned the device and they gave me a receipt and said that they dont have any money right now and i can come in 3 days to collect… its been 7 days and i have tried again and again, but they keep telling me that my refund hasnt come uptill now.. I seriously dont think they will return my money..i dont know what to do..i never thought mobilink, a company so big will do such a thing..wateen and witribe are way way way better..dont waste ur time and ur money on infinity..thanks
    Syed Zeshan

  11. Mushtaq AliJan 23,2012 Reply

    can i use wateen wireless internet in Badin Sindh

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