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Zong Night Call Packages

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ZONG is the fastest growing network in Pakistan and reasons for its great repute includes reliable services and affordable packages. We are providing the details of several packages on which you can talk for hours on your favorite numbers. You can choose any package and follow the procedure to subscribe on it.

ZONG Super Offer:

This is a late night offer from ZONG on which the customers can make unlimited on-net calls to all ZONG numbers. Details of this package are as follows.

  • You can talk from 12am to 7am.
  • Charges for this offer are Rs.9.99 plus taxes per day.
  • You will also pay the subscription charges of Rs.4.99 plus taxes for the first time only.
  • To subscribe to this offer, send SMS to 913 with ‘sub’ or dial 913.
  • This offer is available only on prepaid ZONG packages.

Zong Free Packages:

This package has bundle of information for you. You will enjoy different plans for making long calls to the Zong family throughout the day. It looks like Zong has brought all their pertinent services into one package which is Zong free package. Scroll down to sort out what this package offers you.

  • You can add 10 friends and family numbers and call them at the rate of Re.1 per minute.
  • You will have to pay Rs.15 plus taxes as migration charges to this package.
  • Migration can be made by dialing 900.
  • On Zong free package, you can also set a super free number on which you can make unlimited calls throughout a month.
  • Charges for this super free number are Rs.500 plus taxes per month.
  • You can use internet at the rate of Rs.10 per MB at this Zong Free Package.

Break Time Offer:

Break time offer is also a part of Zong Free Package. This is an additional service at this package and its details are:

  • You can call at all Zong numbers across Pakistan from 12pm to 2pm.
  • Timings are extended at Fridays as you can make long calls from 12pm to 4pm.
  • These calls will be charged at the rate of Rs.3.99 plus taxes per hour.
  • You do not have to subscribe to this break time offer as it is already available with Zong Free Package.

Late Night Offer:

Late night offer is also available at Zong Free Package. It will thrill you with its plentiful facilities to make long calls to all Zong numbers across Pakistan. Details are:

  • On Zong free package (late night offer), you can make unlimited calls at night from 12am to 7am on any Zong number across Pakistan and these calls will be charged at Rs.3.99 plus taxes per hour.
  • You will not have to subscribe to this offer as it is also a part of Zong Free package.

Unlimited Free Numbers:

You can add unlimited free numbers to your account and call them at free of charge at night. This is one of the most economical offers by any of the cellular companies in Pakistan. Seek the following details for the numbers.

  • On unlimited free numbers, you can make free calls from 12am to 7am at night. These calls will be charged for nothing.
  • Adding each number will cost you Rs.5 plus taxes.
  • You can add these unlimited numbers by dialing 900.
  • You account will also be deducted for Rs.1 plus taxes per number on daily basis.
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  1. haider shahJan 16,2013 Reply

    i think zong does’t have very good packages except one free number package. which is very economical but now they have finish this offer.

  2. GillDec 29,2012 Reply

    zong offering best call rates i like it. Thanx

  3. farazDec 14,2012 Reply

    ap ne zong to zong packege q band kardiya

  4. mian asadNov 21,2012 Reply

    All Nite Pakage Will be closed

  5. Hadi AliSep 24,2012 Reply

    I purchased a new zong sim yesterday and i didn’t know about its packages. Thanx to your helpful review which makes me easy to package. Thanx and nice post.

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