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Zong SMS Package

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With other handsome landline call packages, Zong now brings a complete ravishing SMS bundles. All Zong SMS packages are offered to suit the budgets of valued customers. You can pick details of any of the daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly SMS packages and switch to your mobile phone to activate the one. The craze of youth for sending and sharing SMS to their friends and fellows is kept in mind while offering these SMS packages. These are good but some packages of other cellular companies are more economical and offer low rates than these. But still these are accomplished to suit your lifestyle.

Zong SMS Packages

Find the details of each package in the following content.

Pakistan’s Best Daily SMS Bundle:

This offer has been introduced to keep your excitement to no bounds and you just feel free to share everything with your Zong family with texts. This is truly a best SMS bundle in Pakistan because it offers numerous SMS to be utilized within a day and it charges almost nothing for this fantastic offer. Keep your eyes steady to read the following details of this package.

  • You can send up to 500 free SMS to all cellular networks across Pakistan for one day.
  • Charges are kept under 2.50 plus taxes per day.
  • To subscribe to this package, simple send an SMS to 704 with “sub”.
  • It will be automatically subscribed on next day if your number is active and sufficient balance exist in your account.

Daily Bundle:

The daily SMS bundle offer is valid for one whole day and allows sending SMS to any network in Pakistan. This package is introduced for those customers who want to celebrate the important occasions of their life by sharing their heartiest feelings with friends and family members through text messages. The subscription process and costs of this daily bundle package are as follows:

  • You are offered 500 free SMS and 100 MMS (On-net and Off-net) for one whole day.
  • Charges for this daily bundle offer are Rs.3.99 plus taxes.
  • It is automatically re-subscribed to the next day if sufficient balance exists in the account.
  • For subscription, send an SMS to 700 with “sub”. You will receive an SMS asking for the subscription of several SMS bundles. Reply with 1 for this daily bundle offer. It will be activated on your network for that particular day.
  • If you have sent 500 SMS, the charges for the additional SMS will be charged as per tariff plan.

Weekly Bundle:

Weekly bundle offer is another exciting deal by Zong. It allows the valued customers to share thoughts and feelings with friends or family members even if they are on the other network. Enjoy for a whole by subscribing to this wonderful weekly offer by Zong. Following details will help to decide whether you should activate this package or not.

  • You are allowed 1000 SMS at any network in Pakistan for one whole week.
  • Charges for subscribing to this SMS bundle offer are Rs.10 plus taxes.
  • Exceeding the limits of 1000 SMS, you will be charged for each SMS as per tariff plan.
  • No daily charges are deducted for this package.
  • To subscribe to this bundle offer, send an SMS to 700 with “sub”. You will receive an SMS which should be replied with 2 to get this bundle offer.

Fortnightly Bundle:

This is another exciting deal by Zong. The company keeps in mind the feelings and needs of its customers and that is why it has focused on introducing each kind of facility. This fortnightly SMS bundle is a bit expensive but there is no price for desires and passion. Activate this package by following the procedure and details that are:

  • You are offered 500 daily SMS which can be sent to any network in Pakistan.
  • The charges are applied at the rate of Rs.50 plus taxes for 15 days.
  • Remember that the SMS over the limit of 500 per day will be charged as per tariff plan.
  • This offer will also be re-subscribed after 15 days if balance would exist within the limits.
  • To subscribe to this fortnightly package, you can send an SMS to 700 with text of “sub”. And replying this SMS with 3, the package will be activated.
  • To unsubscribe this bundle offer, you can send an SMS to 700 with “unsubscribe” and it will be deactivated from your network.

Monthly Bundle:

To add more excitement and thrill to the user experience, Zong introduces the monthly bundle offer. Now keep sending the jokes, poetry, quotes, feeling, love SMS and advices to your loved ones with no ending offer by Zong. The details of this package are as follows:

  • Your Zong number is awarded with 500 SMS per day for one whole month.
  • You will have to pay Rs.80 plus taxes to subscribe to this monthly bundle offer.
  • Your balance should meet the minimum requirement to activate this bundle offer.
  • The process of subscription is similar to other SMS bundles.
  • Type “sub” in your create message box of mobile phone and send it to 700.
  • You will get a confirmation SMS. Reply it with 4 to activate the monthly SMS package.
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