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Acson Chest Freezer Price in Pakistan

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Acson Chest Freezer Price in Pakistan
  • Acson Chest Freezer Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Acson
  • Product Type : Freezer
  • Number Of Doors : Single Door
  • Cooling System : Direct Cooled or Fan Cooled (No Frost)
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 35,000 To Rs. 35,500
  • Colors : Grey
  • Body Type : Vertical and Horizontal Freezer
  • Additional Features : Freezer basket, Rollers, Drain for defrosted water

  • Acson Chest Freezer Prices
  • IOM-ACF-1101 Price in Pakistan35,500 (Pak Rupee)
  • IOM-AVF-1101 Price in Pakistan35,000 (Pak Rupee)
Acson Chest Freezer Review
Acson international company has made remarkable success in the vicious competition of electronic companies in Pakistan. It has variety of household appliances including Drainage pump, chest freezer and Easi-Gard air curtain series. Being specific here to only one product, you will come to know about the aspects of chest freezers. Acson chest freezers prices in Pakistan are not a huge burden on the pockets of people and it is attuned with the following aspects.

Acson chest freezers are amalgamated with an external round edged cabinet, which is spacious enough to store many food items within it. It’s inside cabinet is coated with Epoxy powder that controls the inner environment of the freezer from getting too moist. The inner liner is also coated with the same thing, which helps to maintain the temperature at reasonable standards in all of its compartments. Using Acson chest freezers, you will enjoy lower amounts on the electricity bills because the thick insulation technology does not consume much energy and it also keeps your food items fresh for a longer period in case of load shedding. There are many other features like its curved door, temperature control, CFC (Chlorofluoro Carbons) free, rollers, drainage system for dirty water and many more to provide you fresh food items all the time. The models of chest freezers are available in horizontal and vertical shapes. Make a choice according to the furnishing of your home and enjoy a healthier life.

Acson Chest Freezer Pictures
Acson Chest Freezer Features
  • External Round Edged Cabinet
  • Inner liner with special arrangement
  • Curved Door with Round Edged Plastic Door
  • Thick Insulation
  • Temperature Control
  • CFC Free Environmentally-Friendly
  • Handle with Lock
  • Freezer Basket
  • Drain for Defrosted Water
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