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Cement Prices In Pakistan | Cement Rates In Pkr

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Cement Prices In Pakistan | Cement Rates In Pkr
  • Cement Prices In Pakistan | Cement Rates In Pkr
  • Product Type : Cement
  • Brand : DG, Maple Leaf, Lucky and Bestway
  • Year : 2017
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 520 - Rs. 540

  • Cement Prices
  • Lucky Cement530 (Pak Rupee)
  • Lucky Star535 (Pak Rupee)
  • Lucky Gold525 (Pak Rupee)
  • Best Way Cement520 (Pak Rupee)
  • DG Khan Cement535 (Pak Rupee)
  • Maple Leaf Cement540 (Pak Rupee)

Cement Review

With its independence, Pakistan had received only a few industries. At that time cement industry had a maximum runoff of 0.5 mn tons with four plants. Since then to present times, we saw the rise and fall of economic disorder still the capacity of manufacturing has gone up to 44 mn tons and out of the thirty manufacturers, mostly are carrying out manufacturing at 85 percent capacity utilization. During the last decade, the industry has managed to double the maximum runoff. Pakistan is a country with huge scope of cement export to not only neighboring countries but in Central Asia as well. However it seems that the country has never fulfilled that status and potential. We did have a delay as much as our costing and per ton prices were concerned.

Factors changed under the unhealthy economic rule and the seeds of mismanagement started to be planted, adding issues to their existing capabilities which were heightened by problems related to the availability of furnace oil to coal and gas. This is perhaps the only sector, which built the pliant reliance on coal and oil alike and this is the reason one can see that they were least affected by unfavorable economic development as the consequences of the energy crisis which have surrounded this country for the last few years. The industry has spent a lot in alternate oil sources and thus has guaranteed to keep on floating regardless of variation in external reasons.

APCMA is a powerful and firm group and like all the majority oligopolies it does function as a practical association, which put efforts on guaranteeing that retention prices do have plenty of profit lines while making sure that prices remain reasonable for public. The local demand is not expected to fall in near future and that assures to be a flourishing period for cement industry in Pakistan. This will improve the capacity to fulfill local demand and by realizing, it will in fact work in competition and this in turn will permit exports to be accommodated. A feeble exchange rate and an established retention price locally could confirm to be a good thing, which may act as the export magnifier for cement sector.

It is worthy to note down that even with the failures at government end, which have collapsed this country, the cement sector has undeniably been a track of success. It is insightful that an industry backed by activity breed development. Had the PSDP related operating expenses had been put this industry on hold, it might not have fully grown on the backing of retail production merely. We are a long way from becoming a successful exporter but this endurance and development outline of last decade is a success path, which is worth a countless appreciation of economic strong point, harmony and growth.

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  1. javedJan 12,2013 Reply

    best way cement rate in rawalpindi?per bag on consumer price

  2. sajid MunirDec 25,2012 Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Can you kindly advise me current retail price/Bag of Maple Leaf Cement/Lucky Cement/Best Way Cement. in Haroonabad area——-
    Best Regards,

    sajid Munir

  3. Sajid MunirDec 25,2012 Reply

    Dear Sir,

    send me the latest price of DG cement and tell me abt its dealer ship i want to work with this business.


    cg.Buliding Material Store

  4. Ikram UllahDec 19,2012 Reply

    Sir We Need 75,000Tone Best Way Cemet @ 14000Tone Per Moth to Kunner Jalalabad. Can u provide it and also send me you price with delivery and without delivery.

    Ikram Ullah

  5. Noordeen AbdulDec 15,2012 Reply

    Wanted to know the prices of all good Brands of cements available in Pakistan which can be imported to India.

  6. aneesDec 14,2012 Reply

    plz send me daily rates in sialkot bases all company plz send me curent rates

  7. AJAY RAJKUMARNov 28,2012 Reply

    advice on prices on cement

  8. DilfrazKhanNov 7,2012 Reply

    kindly advise me current retail price/bag of maple leaf cement / lucky cement/bestway cement .

    Best Regards,

    Dilfraz Khan

  9. malik shahidJul 29,2012 Reply

    well prices of all items r in retail .i want to say u to give me trade prices also

  10. mahash kumarMay 16,2012 Reply

    can yau kindly advise me current ratail price.lucky cement

    • adminMay 28,2012 Reply

      the given prices are the updated prices

  11. Qadeer Hussain ChaudharyMar 11,2012 Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly can you send me prices of all cement brand which are sold in Pakistan specially in Jhelum and Gujrat area on daily bases.

    Thanks & Regards,

  12. rana mukarramMar 6,2012 Reply

    dear ,
    now a days DG is of 422 in whole sale price and 427 in retail and same with maple leaf ,,, in lahore

  13. Khalid SaeedFeb 28,2012 Reply

    Can you kindly send me current retail price/Bag of OPC D G Khan Cement.

    Best Regards,

    Khalid Saeed

  14. shahid ali shahFeb 17,2012 Reply

    need the current prices of whole saler and retailer in maple leaf cement,kohat cement,lucky cement,and charat cements.

  15. IrshadJan 25,2012 Reply

    These prices seems out of date. Do you still update this?

  16. RIAZJul 8,2011 Reply

    rates you have shown FOR for wholesale are higher by approx RS 50 higer than actual ,why is it so ?

  17. Zahid MahmoodMay 15,2011 Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Can you kindly advise me current retail price/Bag of Maple Leaf Cement/Lucky Cement/Best Way Cement.

    Best Regards,

    Zahid Mahmood

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