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3G EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Price in Pakistan | PTCL Wi-Fi Prices

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3G EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Price in Pakistan | PTCL Wi-Fi Prices
  • 3G EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Price in Pakistan | PTCL Wi-Fi Prices
  • Company : Evo
  • Product Type : Telecom Device
  • Model : 3G WiFi Cloud
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs. 8,000
  • Additional Features : Connect to 5 Wi-Fi enabled Devices simultaneously to the internet

  • 3G EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Prices
  • 3G EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Price in Pakistan8,000 (Pak Rupee)

  • 3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Packages
  • Unlimited (Monthly)2,100 (Pak Rupee)

EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Review

If you are tired of carrying a large number of Wi-Fi gadgets around, for staying busy online or just to be idly present every time and have a handful money in addition to needed, the luck has knocked the door. Embracing the Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot technology is becoming more and more common in modern countries of the world. PTCL also initiated with the release of its version of a convenient 3G WI-Fi Device. The company named it PTCL EVO Wi-Fi Cloud and it electrifies the compromised speed, exceeds the limited access to particular device and breaks the bandwidth constraint.

The device setup relates to the PTCL EVO in a way that it allows to connect your mobile to internet at hyper speed of 3.1 Mbps around the clock. Coming to its distinguished attributes there is Wi-Fi router pre-installed within EVO Wi-Fi Cloud. This tells that instead of connecting the EVO device with your PC or Laptop to stream online, you can divide the same link among 5 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets in a specific sphere. In this way, you will actually have a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your car or pocket any time anywhere.

This seems to be a powerful gadget to have for internet surfers who stay very busy. Being an enthusiastic experience, it does not mean that there are no negative aspects to the service. The price is a bag of blend feelings because the cost of the bundle is identical to standard PTCL EVO wireless service, RS. 2000 for unlimited access at a hyper speed of up to 3.1Mbps, but the cost of device it self is a lot over the PTCL Dongle coming in at RS. 8000. Another thing you must be careful that charging limits to just 4 hours. Sometimes 4 hours is fairly reasonable but when considering it for lasting time, you critically have to think what occurs if the power source expires just when you badly need it.

On the whole, this device is for the tech zealots, who have to be flawlessly online with all their devices constantly, and would like it a gift for someone they wish to stay connected all the time. However if you are a budgeted user who has gotten by penalties with their annoying and too slow EDGE connection or a Dongle, this would not be a device you like to upgrade essentially. As far as personal use is concerned we recommend hold and see for a little time if the company decides for a price fall which we are pretty much sure to notice in the near future.

3G EVO Wi-Fi CLOUD Features

  • Get your own pocket-sized smartest Wi-Fi hotspot Device
  • One-touch Connectivity
  • Share your internet connection with friends, family, co-workers
  • Forget about cords and cables; just push a button
  • Connect at 3G speeds; universal Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Small enough to fit your pocket yet powerful enough to bring internet to 5 Wifi gadgets simultaneously.
  • The sleek design is easy to carry and looks good anywhere, from the board room to the coffee shop
  • Secure Password protected connection that lets you choose the people and the devices who access your wifi zone.
  • Wifi devices in the range of 30-40 feet from the Wifi Cloud can be connected to 3G speeds via the EVO Wifi cloud.
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  1. Ali ShahDec 8,2012 Reply

    i want to know that evo cloud is connected with computer through cable or not??
    moblie # +923336847394

  2. Waqas awanMar 29,2012 Reply

    I want evo device.please contact me at :03145810757

  3. shah jeeDec 26,2011 Reply

    PTCL EVO DEVICE in special price 2,800/-Rs


    1 GB Package for Rs: 799 per month
    2 GB Package for Rs: 1199 per month
    5 GB Package for Rs: 1499 per month

    Delivery charges……… 200/- Rs

    and more packages with different price
    shah jee

  4. ahsanDec 11,2011 Reply

    get evo broadband for sale with sapacial pakages.unlimited downloading and usag whole day only RS.100 .evo device price is only RS.2100 any one intested please contact.03133353523.

  5. ibrarDec 3,2011 Reply

    mujay wifi modom evo chahiye kisi nain sale kerni ho to connect me at my cell number # 03217101584 / from ibrar city sialkot

  6. ammar hussainOct 11,2011 Reply

    my evo is for sale speed 3.1mbps you can select the package of your choice its price is 2500 and it is brand new with only 1month use contact me #03327294982

  7. AshokSep 12,2011 Reply

    evo achi spped hai ok

  8. Free Lancer001Aug 9,2011 Reply

    This is an amazing offer by FreeLancer001. Now you can get your PTCL EVO 3G 3.1Mbps Device at a very much discounted price only at Rs: 2200.
    This is a limited time offer subject to availability of stock.
    To get PTCL EVO 3G 3.1Mbps Device at Rs: 2200, contact us at 03005287828 from 10am to 6pm.

    Note: Rs: 2200 is only the price of one brand new device. You can select package of your own choice. Packages details are available at PTCL Website

    Contact No: 03005287828

  9. aliAug 4,2011 Reply

    get evo usb in 2800rs with special packages unlimited downlaoding and usage whole mounth in just 1200rs.availabel in islamabad and rawalpindi both.

  10. Muhammad Irfan TahirJul 29,2011 Reply

    For Rs: 1199 Per Month* PTCL EVO Student Package* Unlimited Download Volume*

    PTCL EVO 3G 3.1Mbps Brand New Device Price = RS: 2400
    (For Rawalpindi and Islamabad)
    RS: 400 Additional charges for delivery to other Major cities of Pakistan. (Total RS: 2800 for other cities)

    Contact: +923215206370 or +923065206370

    Now on “PTCL EVO 3.1Mbps 3G Device”, PTCL has offered a reasonable package of RS: 1199 per month with unlimited download volume*. This package is especially for students but the whole population can use it. There is no restriction about it. Whether, you are student or not, you can avail this package.

    To get your Internet Student Package* today,
    Contact: +923215206370 or +923065206370

    Contact: +923215206370 or +923065206370

    Or email us at


    Special Note:
    Our internet provision services are for positive use of internet, primarily for the youth to learn and to come close to Islam and Islamic Values.

    * Internet browsing bandwidth 256Kbps.

  11. mutiulrasoolJul 21,2011 Reply

    Get evo usb in 3000 Rs with special package.Unlimited downloading and usage whole month in just 1200 Rs.
    contact 0303-6570025

  12. zohaibJun 17,2011 Reply

    Get evo usb in 2000 Rs with special package.Unlimited downloading and usage whole month in just 1200 Rs.
    contact 0333-4833604

  13. ali maazApr 28,2011 Reply

    EVO USB PURCHASE ONLY; 3500 (NEW) for karachi
    Get EVO 3G’ nitro and wi-fi USB wireless device purchase us we will give you give free home delivery and concession ,new device and latest model and color you will be first owner.
    Company rate; 4000 with concession; 3500
    Ptcl distributor
    Ali maaz
    0345-3338620 (alimaaaz@live.com)

  14. munawarApr 20,2011 Reply

    A very special OFFER
    Get EVO in 3000 Rs with monthly package of 1250 unlimited usage and downloading .(available only in lahore)
    contct 03326045072

  15. siddiqueApr 17,2011 Reply

    Get evo usb in 3000 Rs with special package.Unlimited downloading and usage whole month in just 1200 Rs.
    contact 0303-6570025

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