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Honda CD 100 2011 Price in Pakistan

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Honda CD 100 2011 Price in Pakistan
  • Honda CD 100 2011 Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Honda
  • Product Type : Motorcycle
  • Model : CD 100
  • Year : 2011
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs.73,900
  • Engine Type : 4-Stroke OHC cooled by air
  • Transmission : Continuous 4 speed mesh
  • Starter System : Kick Start
  • Suspension : Strong Suspension

  • Honda CD 100 2011 Prices
  • Honda CD 100 2011 Price in Pakistan73,900 (Pak Rupee)
Honda CD 100 2011 Review
Every one of us who uses motorcycles in Pakistan is truly aware of the quality and performance of Honda bikes. Previously Honda Atlas was manufacturing only two bikes in Pakistan i.e. Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125. Knowing the fact that 100 cc 4-stroke bikes are very popular all over the world, Honda Atlas came up with the new Honda CD 100 to capture the segment which considers CD 70 to be of lesser power and CG 125 is beyond their limits. Hence Honda CD 100 was strategically positioned in between 70 cc and 125 cc motorcycles.

Honda CD 100 is a beautiful motorcycle with a firm and durable look. A bigger round head light at the front reminds of the previous successful proto types of Honda 100 cc bikes which were popular in the 80’s. It has lager a higher and a bigger stance than CD 70. It has a good suspension with a bigger and more comfortable seat that makes it a little more luxurious than CD 70. The bike is perfect for the long travels. People who live in rural areas in Pakistan and use their bikes to come to the cities due to poor or literally lack of public transport can consider this bike to be a good option for them.

Honda CD 100 has a good fuel efficient 4 stroke engine which can be trusted and relied upon. But this wonderful bike is also facing the problems to establish its footholds in the market. According to the Honda atlas dealers in the market, company is using the “PUSH STRATEGY” to achieve sales for this brand. Push strategy refers to a concept of marketing when company pressurizes its retailers or distributers to sell a particular product. This indicates a lesser demand and “brand pulling” in the market.

One of the showroom owners of Honda Atlas revealed that company has a policy that every dealer will have to order a Honda CD 100 on the order of 5 to 7 Honda CD 70 motorcycles.

My advice for the readers is to go for this wonderful bike if they have an intention to use for at least two or three years. But if they are more conscious about the resale price then they shouldn’t opt for Honda CD 100. The price of Honda CD 100 in Pakistan is set between the price of CD 70 and CG 125.

Honda CD 100 2011 Pictures
Honda CD 100 2011 Features
  • Kick start system
  • 4 speed Transmission system
  • Double Cradle Strong Tubular Frame
  • Strong Suspension
  • Wider Tyre & Strong Road Grip
  • Crankcase Emission Control System
  • Bigger Brake Drum with Non-Asbestose Brake Shoe
  • Element Air Cleaner (Foam Type)
  • Fuel Guage Indicator
  • Utility Box
  • Multi Reflector Headlight
  • Element Air Cleaner
  • Elegant Front Light
  • Durable Seat
  • Strong Footrest
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  1. ASIF ALIJan 18,2013 Reply

    HONDA CD 100 IS THE COMFORTABLE ‘DURABLE and attractive bike that have new EUROtecnology of western and modern creation ,i would advise to the people that once u try it u would definatly love it,its really a good manufactured EURO TECNOLOGY.ITS one of the road grip bikes that can be campared with any of the good motorcyles of the west.i congratulate pakistani mecanics and Engineers.i like mu motorcycle very much.

  2. Mohsin Ali khanJul 13,2012 Reply

    Honda CD 100 is a very comfortable motorcycle. I am already using this model. I suggest you that you must check this model and i am sure you will purchase this Honda CD 100 motorcycle after checking it.

  3. GHULAM FARIDDec 9,2011 Reply

    very nice bike

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