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Honda CG 125 2011 Price in Pakistan

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Honda CG 125 2011 Price in Pakistan
  • Honda CG 125 2011 Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Honda
  • Product Type : Motorcycle
  • Model : CG 125
  • Year : 2011
  • Price In Pakistan : Rs.89,900
  • Engine Type : 4-Stroke
  • Transmission : 4 speed mesh
  • Suspension : Front Telescopic Forke 103 mm Travel and Back Swing Arm 68 mm Travel

  • Honda CG 125 2011 Prices
  • Honda CG 125 2011 Price in Pakistan89,900 (Pak Rupee)

Honda CG 125 2011 Review

Japan is the top ranked country which produces so many technologies like cars, motor bikes, electronics, electrical home appliances, heavy machinery which is used in construction and many more. Honda is a Japanese company which was the first provider of motor bikes in Pakistan a long ago. There are two variations of Honda motor bikes running on the roads of Pakistan and that are Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125. The Honda CG 125 is the most famous, holding high power engine, bike in Pakistan, which is praised by the younger generation in massive number. For fuel efficiency people mostly use Honda CD 70, but for passion and to express power most of the younger generation boys ride Honda CG 125. With this bike you will have a joyful journey even to the remotest areas. The latest model of this bike with the name of Honda CG 125 2011 has recently been introduced in the market.

New Honda CG 125 2013 comes with beauty and style in Pakistani auto market. It is the most powerful bike available in Pakistan to purchase brand new. The bike has got 4-stroke OHV cooled by air engine which helps to emit the less smoke. Continuous 4-speed transmission system provides smooth driving experience to the riders. Comfortable seat with rear grip provides extra comfort during long drives. This bike is fuel efficient and has some great features includes, new shape for back and front light and beautiful petrol tank with amazing graphics. The petrol capacity of this bike is 9.2 liters which helps you to drive long without tension of refilling time and again. This Honda 125 is the best choice for powerful bike lovers. The Honda CG 125 2011 price in Pakistan is provided above this article for your convenience.

Honda CG 125 2011 Features

  • 9.2 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Kick start system
  • 4-Stroke Engine
  • New Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
  • Elegant Front Light
  • Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
  • New Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
  • Height of Seat 743 mm
  • Strong 4-Stroke Smoke Less Engine
  • Elegant Front Light
  • Ideal for High Speed
  • Stylish Speedometer with Economy Zone
  • Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
  • Long-life Tyre
  • New Shape For Back Light
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  1. Mehfooz AfsarDec 28,2012 Reply

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  2. SohailDec 4,2012 Reply

    I Wanna buy Honda CG 125 2011 model on Model please guide me where can i get this?

  3. SohailNov 22,2012 Reply

    cg 125 is best becoz it is made by honda and i love honda products.

  4. Regan HomchickFeb 26,2012 Reply

    I simply wanted to inform you about how much my spouse and i appreciate every little thing you’ve provided to help enhance the lives of folks in this subject matter. Through your own articles, we have gone from just a newcomer to an expert in the area. It truly is truly a gratitude to your work. Thanks

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  6. jawad gDec 2,2011 Reply

    amazing bike i like it

  7. rabiaOct 28,2011 Reply

    hi i am rabia my number is 03138751204

  8. Same JuttOct 23,2011 Reply

    bahi main apni jan se piyari bike bechna chata hu jis ka muje 100000 rupaya mil reha hai per main 120000 main bechna chata hu ager kisi bhai ko shoq hai to muje buta de es site main comment de kar {{Honda CDI 125}} 1995 sale karna chata hu or es se main 200000 ki rase b jita hu to ager kisi ko chahye to muje mail kare or ager kisi main hamat ho to es ki speed 150 tak chale jati hai

  9. saadOct 13,2011 Reply

    mera l leta he honda.

  10. aneesOct 7,2011 Reply

    main ak bike lyna chata ho koi hay jo apni bike sale krna chata hay tu btay 03417100076

  11. jawad khansSep 28,2011 Reply

    amazing bike i love it

  12. juttSep 10,2011 Reply

    salo bike lene ha to le lo L pe q char rahay ho????nahe pasand to na lo….itna nuks q nikaal rahay ho???

  13. HasanJul 29,2011 Reply

    dear qeemat.com
    i appreciate HONDA for keeping the same bike in Pakistan for ages but kindly dont call it a HEAVY BIKE. atleast this 125cc machine has got nothing in it for a Heavy bike its just 98kg!!!! i go with bench press on 98 kg dont tell me lolzzzzzzzzz…………….
    You can call Piaggio 125cc as mini heavy bike or stryker 125cc at least they have got some guts in them

  14. saadJun 24,2011 Reply

    i want to sell my honda125 model 2010 totally n geniune condition no scratch,interstd people may contact 03429058270 sargodha

  15. Agha Javed FazilJun 17,2011 Reply

    sory i read it OHC. it is OHV. so article is right about the engine. i apologise

  16. Agha Javed FazilJun 17,2011 Reply

    i read the description above and i am amazed at the facts written by whoever wrote that description. i mean he is a novice or does not know much about the engines. this motorcyle is not a heavy motorcycle and it is not OHV. whoever wrote it does not know what OHV means. OHV is over head cam and this little engine has its cam down inside the engine. it is operated by push rods which push the rocker arms in the engine head and this way the valves are operated. so make correction.

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