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PTCL 3G EVO Wingle 9.3MBPs Price

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PTCL 3G EVO Wingle 9.3MBPs Price
  • PTCL 3G EVO Wingle 9.3MBPs Price
  • Product Type : Internet USB
  • Model : 3G Evo Wingle
  • Brand : PTCL
  • Year : 2016
  • Colors : White
  • Additional Features : Wi-Fi Enabled, Power On, Plug n Play-On
  • Price : Rs. 1500

PTCL 3G EVO Wingle 9.3MBPs Packages

Line Rent Volume Validity Period Billing Mode
Rs. 1,000 (Pak Rupees) 10 GB  30 Days Postpaid/Prepaid
Rs. 1,250 (Pak Rupees) 25 GB  30 Days Postpaid/Prepaid
Rs. 1,699 (Pak Rupees) 30GB 30 Days Postpaid/Prepaid
Rs. 2,000 (Pak Rupees) 50 GB 30 Days Postpaid/Prepaid

EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps Powered with Wi-Fi and 3G

Ever thought what a Wi-Fi enabled USB modem can do for you by exceeding the limitation of single connectivity? Now broaden your freedom with PTCL EVO Wingle Wi-Fi device. Connect one or multiple computers with Wingle created Wi-Fi hotspot. PTCL launched the new device on October 18 with its coverage in over 200 cities of Pakistan. PTCL has the largest network coverage in Pakistan with over 250 cities. This new device, called “Evo Wingle” allows Wi-Fi connections at a blistering fast speed of 9.3 Mbps and is available in over 200 cities of Pakistan. Until you have source of power, you can seamlessly create Wi-Fi hotspot with EVO Wingle. That means you can run the device anywhere, whether you are in car, in home or office, you are sure to connect with internet at a hyper speed of 9.3 Mbps. Wingle has become the first USB modem device which supports both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and is made for the youth. PTCL has offered a special bundle for new customer. Now you can enjoy 3 months unlimited internet service and free Wingle device for RS. 7,500.You can seamlessly connect 5 Wi-Fi devices with EVO Wingle simultaneously no matter where you are. You can connect the device with your car stereo system, cigarette charger or simply plug it into the power socket near you and connect to the internet at a blistering fast speed of 9.3 Mbps. You are just a plug away from internet since no installation is required to run the device. Wingle allows ability to choose specific computers on the network with its password-protected connection. With its wider compatibility, EVO Wingle offers multiple connections simultaneously whether it is a laptop, an iPad or a smartphone. Wi-Fi devices which are in the range of 100 meters can connect to EVO Wingle. At the launch of new device on October 18, PTCL said that Wingle is a hybrid device and it transfers to PTCL Nitro and PTCL EVO networks depending upon the availability of coverage. First, the device will search for Nitro networks to offer hyper speed of 9.3 Mbps but if Nitro networks are out of range then it will be converted to 3.1 Mbps PTCL EVO networks.

EVO Wingle will completely transform the way people connect to the internet in their busy lives. 3G EVO Wingle is a perfect match for those who work and travel, providing an unmatched Wi-Fi experience to users. The new EVO by PTCL offers three packages for users divided into Bundle Package, Wingle PostPaid Life Style Package and Wingle PrePaid Package. The prepaid package is further divided into Wingle Day, Wingle Week, Wingle Breeze, Wingle Power and Wingle Unlimited packages. The Bundle package offers three months unlimited internet services (Fair Usage Policy of 100 GB applies) and free Wingle device for RS. 7,500. The PostPaid package offers unlimited internet service (Fair Usage Policy of 100 GB applies) for a Line Rent of RS. 2,500 and Wingle device worth of RS. 4,000. User has to pay the internet dues with his landline bill.

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  1. aimanAug 17,2016 Reply


  2. chinto0Jul 10,2013 Reply

    In rahim yar khan it’s speed is really awesome ,,,

  3. FazalMay 12,2013 Reply

    Is there any kind of student package in Wingle USB?

  4. ziaApr 8,2013 Reply

    i want to buy evo bro.which is best evo3.1 or 9.3?

    • sadiApr 8,2013 Reply

      Evo 9.3 provides best internet speed.

  5. AwaisMar 12,2013 Reply

    EVO Wingle 9.3 sucks………………
    i have bought it of 750rs for 3 month usage.as for as downloading speed isconcerned ,i m really dissapointed.
    it downloading is average 120kbps(70 to 160kps) without antenna in my city sialkot. by using antenna(700 rs) average downloading speed 160kbps(110 to 220kbps). however it automatically switches to 3.1mb evo when signal is low. i tnhink there is no such 9.3 mb or 3.1mb evo sevices still has the ability to give us enough speed as given ptcl brocher…. it is not still has customers satisfaction services…


  6. charles7328Mar 12,2013 Reply

    pai evo wingle 9.3 dendi v hy a k nai nalay downloading speed kitni a maximum?

  7. KakaFeb 14,2013 Reply

    Now a days came the new wingle u.s.b 9.3 $peed every one using this usb … i can its a facilty
    f4 every one and evry place……thanky ptcl

  8. HasnainFeb 5,2013 Reply

    This is the list of total dubbing line at the stage platoon dingle storage capacity

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