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Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Price in Pakistan

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Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Price in Pakistan
  • Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Price in Pakistan
  • Company : Suzuki
  • Product Type : Motorcycle
  • Model : Sprinter
  • Year : 2011
  • Price In Pakistan : RS 72,900
  • Engine Type : 4-Stroke, air cooled Single Cylinder, OHC
  • Colors : Black, Red
  • Transmission : 4-Speed
  • Ignition System : Electronic Ignition CDI
  • Starter System : Kick Start

  • Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Prices
  • Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Price in Pakistan72,900 (Pak Rupee)
Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Review
Suzuki is a world famous Japanese automobile manufacturer which is more famous because of its bikes rather than the cars. In Pakistan Suzuki commenced its business many years ago and manufactured top quality motorcycles. We still remember the famous and successful bikes of Suzuki in Pakistan i.e. Suzuki Shogun, Suzuki Samurai, etc.

But all of these bikes had 2-stroke engines. Two stroke engines are more powerful than the 4 stroke engines and yield more acceleration. There was a time when we used to see many Suzuki bikes on the roads. Then a time came when motorcycle rickshaws became very popular in Pakistan and the powerful Suzuki bikes were the first preference of the mechanics to build a motorcycle rickshaw. This phenomenon increased the demand for Suzuki bikes a lot and the company also increased the prices. But as the oil prices in the country increased it became difficult for the rickshaw drivers to afford expensive Suzuki bikes.

This was the time when Suzuki introduced its 70 cc, 4-stroke bike called Suzuki Sprinter. The bike has a beautiful stance and look. In an era when everyone was copying the super hit design of Honda’s CD 70, Suzuki came up with something new and attractive. With a fuel efficient Japanese engine the bike has a potential to outpace its competitors. The introductory price of Suzuki Sprinter in Pakistan was also attractive.

Unfortunately the bike couldn’t become a great success. Although the company carried out a good promotional campaign in the beginning and broadcasted TV ads as well on the national level. But Suzuki was lacking a sound distribution network like Honda which played a great part in the misery.

On the other hand there was a heavy inflow of Chinese bikes in Pakistan. These bikes were fairly durable (not as durable as the Japanese brands) and available at much lesser prices than the Japanese brands. Customers who were already exhausted due to increase in the oil prices refused to be brand conscious and preferred Chinese brands.

As a conclusion I would advise my readers not to opt for Suzuki Sprinter 2011 as its market indicators like resale, spare parts and available alternatives are not in its support.

Suzuki Sprinter 2011 Features
  • 4-stroke air-cooled Single Cylinder
  • Kick Starter System
  • 4-Speed Transmission System
  • 10.5L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 55 to 60 Average (KM/L)
  • Economical as well as Ecological
  • Economical as well as Ecological
  • Powerful Front Light
  • Durable Seat
  • Powerful Engine
  • Prominent Speed Meter
  • Good Looking
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  1. rahmat31Nov 14,2011 Reply

    “LAZY”-SPECIFICATION, you shall write

    Sprinter ECO 110 CC

    1. Engine
    a. type : 4 stroke, SOHC, 2 valve, Air cooled, SALCS, SACS
    b. Bore x Stroke : 53.5mm x 48.8mm
    c. volume : 109 cc
    d. Compresion ratio ?
    e Power max?
    f Torque max?
    g starter system?
    h oil system?


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