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Zong Internet Packages

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Like the lowest rates of call packages and SMS packages, Zong internet packages are also kept low as a part of company’s norm. These internet packages are segregated into daily, weekly and monthly offers. Using any of these packages, you are at the right end to connect to the internet world and enjoy exhilarating internet browsing on your handsets. Zong, being the largest cellular network of China mobiles, has wide area coverage over Pakistan and you will never feel any issues while using internet on even on the go. Find the details of these packages under separate heads and have a blistering internet experience on your handset.

Zong Mobile Internet

Zong Good Night Offer:

Zong brings a fantabulous offer for customers who like to surf the web at late nights. Yes! This is a night package and ensure that your needs are accomplished in a comprehensive manner while you are charged at minimum level. Check out the details of this package in the following lines and have a great late night with your mobile phone while using Zong internet.

  • You can enjoy the fastest internet of 2 GB data with Zong 4G & Super 3G  speed all night long between 1am to 9am.
  • Charges for this night offer are Rs. 12 including all taxes for a night.
  • Subscription can be made through dialing a short code of Dial *6464# > 2 > 1 or by sending an SMS “gno” to 6464.
  • You can unsubscribe this offer by sending an SMS. Write “unsub gno” and send it to 6464.

Daily Internet Packages:

These are the daily internet package of Zong. Zong has always worked smartly to keep the needs of its customers in mind and offer every possible service and these packages are a great reflection of this fact. Following internet packages will help you to activate daily internet package and enjoy internet surfing.

i. Daily Basic 100MB

  • You can enjoy this 100 MB fastest internet package in just Rs. 15.
  •  Validity time period is 1 day.
  • For activation, dial *6464# >1 >1 >1.

ii. Daily Data Max 500MB

  • A minimum amount of Rs. 35 will be required to avail this offer.
  • Data usage limit is upto 500Mb for a whole day.
  • Dial a code of *6464# >1 >1 >2 to avail this package.

iii. Daytime Offer

  • This super daytime offer give the user to utilize 1GB internet in just Rs. 12.
  • For activation, dial a code *6464# >2 >2 >1 or send an SMS “dto” to 6464.
  • This offer is applicable from 4am to 4pm.
  • To unsub, dial a code *6464# >2 >2 >2 or send an SMS “unsub dto” to 6464.

iv. WhatsApp Daily Bundle

  • This offer allows the user to consume upto 300MB on WhatsApp in just Rs. 15+Tax.
  • For activation, dial a code *4#.
  • This offer is valid for a day.
  • To unsubscribe, no action is required, the offer will automatically switch off.

Weekly Internet Package:

Weekly internet package is a fantastic choice for internet lovers. As Zong never do injustice to its customers, this package is also the landmark of its valuable services. There are some special features of this package and no other cellular company has offered such features in any mobile internet package. Read the following details to sort out what makes this weekly packages a special benefit for Zong customers.

i. Weekly Premium 700MB

  • As the name of this package suggest, users can enjoy of 700MB of internet for 7 days.
  • Charges of Rs. 70 + tax will be applied to get this offer.
  • To activate this internet package, dial a code *6464# >1 >2 >1.

ii. Super Weekly Offer

  • Super weekly offer will give its users an internet data of 2GB in  just Rs. 100 plus tax.
  • The validity period for this package is 7 days.
  • For activation, dial *6464# >1 >2 >2 or just dial *2#.

15 Day Internet Package:

i. Combo Pack

  • A user can enjoy of 3000 MB of internet plus 50 minutes on all network for 15 days.
  • Rs. 200 plus tax will be charged for getting this offer.
  • For activation, dial a code *15# or *6464# >1>3>1>1 .
  • To unsub, dial *6464# >1>3>1>2.

Monthly Internet Package:

If you are a regular user of internet, you can subscribe to this monthly package by Zong. You are offered different plans at this monthly package for data surfing. You will be charged very economically after subscribing to any of the given plans on this monthly package. Following are the complete details of this monthly package.
i. Monthly Mini 150MB:

  • Prepaid customers can enjoy 150MB of internet data surfing after subscribing to this offer.
  • These will be charged for Rs.50 plus tax for a monthly fee.
  • For subscribing to this bundle offer, dial *6464# >1 >4 >1.

ii. Monthly Basic 500MB:

  • This package will let you 500MB of internet for a whole month.
  • Rs.150+tax will be charged for using 500MB of this Monthly package.
  • To subscribe, dial *6464# >1 >4 >2.

iii. Monthly Premium 2GB:

  • This monthly package will allow the prepaid customers to use 2GB data for 30 days.
  • To avail this offer, a balance of Rs. 300 plus tax will be required.
  • For subscription, dial a code *6464# >1 >4 >3.

iv. Monthly Premium 6GB + Free 1GB every night (1am – 9am):

  • This premium plus package will allow the customers to use 6GB data for 30 days.
  • Usage of 1GB will free every night between 1am to 9am.
  • A balance of Rs. 600 plus tax will be required to avail this offer.
  • To subscribe, dial *6464# >1 >4 >4.

v. Monthly Premium Plus 10GB:

  • Monthly premium plus package will allow to use 10GB data for the period of 30 days.
  • Charges of Rs. 1800 plus tax will be applied for this internet package.
  • Dial a code *6464# >1 >4 >5 to avail this package.

vi. Monthly Premium Plus 20GB:

  • This exciting package will allow to use 20GB data for whole month.
  • To take this benefit, a balance of Rs. 3500 plus tax will be required.
  • Dial *6464# >1 >4 >6 to avail this monthly internet package.

Social Micro Bundles

i. Social Pack Daily

  • To avail this offer, dial *6464# >3 >1.
  • Charges of Rs. 10 may be applied.
  • Usage of 100MB will be valid for a whole day.

ii. Facebook Daily

  • For activation, dial *6464# >3 >2.
  • Usage of 50MB data will be allowed.
  • Rs. 5 per day will be deducted.

iii. Whatsapp Daily

  • Minimum ammount of Rs. 3 is required to avail this package.
  • To activate, Dial *6464# >3 >3.
  • 30MB internet is allowed for a whole day.

iv. Twitter Daily

  • This package can be avail in just Rs. 2.
  • To subscribe, Dial *6464# >3 >4.
  • 20MB data is allowed for a whole day long.

Classified Pack

For classified internet pack, a customer can only surf the permitted sites of Pakwheels, Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu and Carmudi. Activation can be made through dialing a code *6464# >2 >3 .

All in One Bundles

All in one Bundles is the bundle consist of 6 internet packages. Following below are the details of these 6 All in One Bundles packages.

All in One Bundles
Package Charges Volume Validity Period Activation Code
Weekly Rs. 150 350MB 7 Days *6464# > 4 > 1 or SMS “Weekly130” to 6464
Monthly Rs. 350 + Tax 700MB 30 Days *6464# > 4 >2
Monthly Rs. 500 + Tax 1500MB 30 Days *6464# > 4 > 3
Monthly Rs. 599 + Tax 2GB 30 Days SMS home1 to 6565
Monthly Rs. 799 + Tax 4GB 30 Days SMS home2 to 6565
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